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News at Grove Trout Rearing Station


This is not a big deal, will not affect very many folks, but as usual, I like to spread the word on these things: Grove Trout Rearing Station closing temporarily to visitors The Grove Trout Rearing Station near Royal, Nebraska, will be closed to visitors until further notice due to upcoming expected high air temperatures in the area. Warm water stresses trout, which have experienced health issues as the water to the facility has warmed. Warm water holds less oxygen, …

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An Assist!


I have blogged about busted rods and lost fish recently.  Once in a while a person just needs an assist: Sorry.  I know that video is not new, and it is stupid–just the way I like it.  I thought I had posted it in my blog before, but if I have I could not find it. Hopefully, it will send you out the door on your weekend adventure with a smile on your face!  Better take a good buddy with …

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“The One that Got Away”


I have told a few stories here about “the one that got away”.  Do not get me wrong, my fishing partners and I have landed A LOT of really nice fish over the years.  We have albums full of photos proving that most of them have not “got away”.  Yet, the ones that got away seem to live forever in our memory.  That is fine, that keeps us fishing, but hopefully there are some things learned in the process: Why …

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It truly is amazing the amount of information now at our fingertips.  Never has so much information been available to so many.  And yet, I spend a large portion of every day answering questions, questions for which answers are readily available.  That is fine, every one learns differently, and sometimes the answers are not that easy to find.  If I can help someone, well, that is what I am here for! Nevertheless, recently there was a news release about some …

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This just dropped on our main Game & Parks Commission FaceBook page, might as well share it around: This year marks the 25th year of Nebraska’s Aquatic Habitat Program! The first of its kind in the nation in 1997, the program has since succeeded in: Generating more than $90 million for improvements to 137 water bodies. Enhancing aquatic ecosystems by implementing restoration techniques in-lake and in the watersheds that feed them. Improving accessibility to the water, through the installation of …

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Community Fishing Events, 2022

Well, we are officially past the opening summer holiday weekend.  So, it is summer, now!  This would be a good time to put out a reminder about all of our community fishing events: Another season of family fun scheduled with Community Fishing Events Join the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for another spring and summer of fun with Community Fishing Events. Community Fishing Events provide opportunities for people of all ages who have never fished or have not fished in …

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Going fishing? Don’t let the big one get away!

All of us who love to fish have a story or two about the one that got away, don’t we? Invariably, the tale involves hooking the fish of a lifetime and losing it to unforeseen circumstances or mistakes. Trust me, I have made my share of mistakes when it comes to large, prized game fish. Your blogger mishandling a nice-sized channel catfish. Photo by Rich Berggren/Conservation Officer with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Without question, these stories, however embellished, …

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Big, Big Weekend


Like many of you, I am out the door for the long, Memorial Day weekend!  Time for a short blog post before I go. . . . Fish are biting.  I know there will be a lot of folks “wet a line” this weekend, and they should!  I have often said that May and June are two of the best months for fishing open-water in Nebraska.  We are right in the middle of that now, a variety of species are …

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Protect Our Waters!


We are on the eve of the big kick-off weekend for Summer 2022!  Great time for a reminder: After record year, Game and Parks reminds boaters to help stop aquatic invasive species While many Nebraskans are eager to enjoy Memorial Day weekend boating, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission urges them to be wary of pesky hitchhikers that invade the state’s waters. To prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species, Game and Parks watercraft inspectors will be checking boats before …

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