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Fishing not Catching


In the past few weeks I have been so bold as to proclaim the fish are biting, everywhere.  I have heard tons of good reports and seen so many photos from so many waters, so many species.  Do not ask if the fish are biting just GO FISH!  Have also said that May and June are consistently the best months for open-water fishing every year.  We are right in the middle of that now. However, one of the things I …

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State Record Update, Spring 2023


I have not given a state record update since last year’s summary.  Right now I do not have a lot to update, but I never know when applications will come in.  If I wait for more, it could be months before I do an update.  So, might as well tell you about what I have. . . . Back in April, Chuck Hensel from Valentine was fishing Merritt Reservoir.  He caught a common carp that beat the old state record …

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Memorial Day, 2023


Here we are!  I know many folks eagerly wait for this weekend every year.  It is the beginning of summer!  Many will be heading for our waters around the state this weekend to enjoy the water, enjoy the outdoors, do some fishing, spend time with family and friends.  I hope you get out to enjoy it all and dry some off while you are at it! Right now is some of the best fishing of the year for a variety …

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“Blinded Me with Science”–Bluegill Growth Rates


The May issue of Nebraskaland magazine has a short article on bluegill growth rates.  You will want to check it out. Right now you can see the full issue HERE. Or, here are the two pages: Over-harvest of panfish, bluegills and crappies, is a real problem on a lot of waters.  No, those populations are not harvested to the point where there are not enough fish to reproduce and maintain the population.  They are over-harvested to the point where they …

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Fishing Etiquette


I often joke that this time of year EVERYONE is an angler.  People who only fish once or a few times a year are fishing now. That makes this a good time for this reminder, for all of us, beginners and old salts: Fishing etiquette for every type of angler A great day fishing is as much about catching what you’re after as it is about the experience you had while away from home. But to keep your fishing trip …

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At-Risk Species Spotlight – Buff-Breasted Sandpiper

At-risk Species Spotlight is a monthly blog post that highlights one Nebraska animal that is at-risk of extinction, with the goal of bringing awareness to the incredible diversity of wildlife we have in the state and their conservation needs and efforts as outlined in the Nebraska Natural Legacy Project. By Olivia DaRugna, Watchable Wildlife Biologist The inconspicuous, pale-brown, buff-breasted sandpipers (Calidris subruficollis), or “buffies” as some like to call them, are one of the more than 30 shorebird species that …

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You ARE Going to be Releasing Fish, Might as well Do It Right!


I noted a week ago that the fish are biting, now.  The reports I am hearing and photos I am seeing have exploded in the past week.  May and June are some of the best open-water fishing months every year.  We are in the middle of that NOW! Have noticed some other things about all of those photos and reports, so I am going to blog about it again:  Best fish handling practices. Now, don’t you dare tune me out …

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The Life of a Plover

1,500 Miles and Going By Elsa Forsberg I zoom in again on my computer screen, just to make sure the image is of a small shorebird called a piping plover. Two plastic bands decorate the bird’s legs like bracelets, one gray and one blue. The combination of different colored bands serves as a coded name tag waiting to be deciphered. Squinting at the blue band, I read the white engraved text. 56A. I sit back and gape at my computer …

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Ruby Year


I was flipping through my turkey hunting scrapbook this spring when I realized this is the 40th year I have been chasing spring toms in Nebraska!  Some of you will say that means I am old.  Whatever, whippersnappers!  Let me reminisce a bit. . . . I am the second generation of spring turkey hunters in Nebraska.  That would be the second generation of turkey hunters since seasons were established and turkeys were re-introduced and recovered in the state.  My …

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Life Follows Water

What makes a wetland a wetland? In Nebraska, a wetland is defined by three characteristics. One, a wetland must have a prevalence of water-loving plants adapted to grow in wet conditions. Two, the soil must be developed in these wet conditions. Three, a wetland must be saturated by water at some time during the growing season. In Nebraska, there are five types of wetlands that fit these characteristics: urban, playa, riverine, saline and sandhills, yet each of these do more …

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