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Rebranding Blowouts

Grassland habitat doesn’t always equal an abundance of cover. Some of the most barren places in the Sandhills attract a lot of wildlife, including a broad diversity of small creatures that think bare sand looks pretty dang hospitable. Story and photos by Chris Helzer Blowouts in the Nebraska Sandhills need a better public relations agent. They’re unpopular with ranchers, who tend to focus on the reasonable fact that bare sand contains very little cattle food. Among the other residents of …

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2023 Fishing Forecast


It’s here! You can see the 2023 Fishing Forecast right here: 2023 Fishing Forecast It will take us a couple weeks to get the hard copies back from the printers.  So, for now you will have to study the digital version.  Ice conditions are looking better by the day.  Good luck!

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Regulation Reminders and Important Info for Waterfowl Hunters

The holiday season is upon us and it’s filled with many hunting traditions as family and friends get together, especially in waterfowl hunting blinds. A young woman smiles with excitement during a break in a waterfowl hunt along a Platte River wetland in rural Butler County, NE. Photo by Greg Wagner/Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. For most of us, hunting is about much more than a successful harvest. It’s about spending time afield bonding with family and friends, watching the sunrise …

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Great Gift Idea


Coming down to the wire here before Christmas.  Some of you may still be looking for gift ideas.  I have a good one: “Give ’em the gift of fishing.” I cannot tell you anything better than that right there. Got to fish with both my granddads growing up.  Do not know that either one of them were muskie slayers, but I have a bunch of their secret lures in my tackle box.  Got some of Grandpa Bob’s too!

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Hunting Season Habitat Management

By Jeff Kurrus and Gerry Steinauer You can’t hunt every day of the hunting season, although some wives claim some years we try. To keep you occupied on the days you don’t hunt, the following are a few ideas for hunting season habitat management. Maintaining Treeless Grasslands Game birds, such as pheasants, quail and prairie grouse, prefer open, treeless grasslands. One simple, sure-fire fall or winter management practice to improve game bird habitat is cutting eastern red-cedars, from saplings to …

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Fall in Review, 2022


I have probably said it a hundred times, will again.  I fish hard in the fall.  In my opinion, some of the best open-water fishing of the year occurs in the fall.  So, I try to finish open-water fishing each year with a flourish. Like everything else in fishing, although they may all be good, some autumns are better than others.  My fall bite this year was hit and miss.  I would have liked a few more big fish (which …

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Film Tour


I like to spread the word on these film tour events, especially when there is a viewing in Nebraska.  This time it is for a virtual screening of the International Fly Fishing Film Festival.  Watch the trailer: Purchase “tickets”, International Fly Fishing Film Festival, Virtual Screening USA 2022. If you have never watched one of these events, well, they are just plain fun.  The fish and fishing in the films always get me fired up.  I know we are looking …

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Tips for Late-Season Deer Hunting in Nebraska

It is the late period for deer hunting now and things can sure get tougher. But don’t put away your gear and hear me out. I want to use a football analogy that many of you who hunt deer will understand when it comes to the late-season. For a football team, it is often necessary for coaches to make adjustments to their game plan at halftime. If the defensive backs are locked in on the receivers every play, consideration is …

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Happy New Year, 2023


If you have followed my blog for a while, you know that my first day on the ice each year is a day to be celebrated!  In fact, I proclaim that day each year as “New Year’s Day”.  It is the first day of the new ice season, first day of the next year’s season. I celebrated New Year’s Day 2023 on “black Friday”. Yes, I know that was a couple of weeks ago.  I did not blog about it …

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