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Family in the Field, Fall 2023


Starting this blog post with a disclaimer.  This particular post ain’t going to be about fishing.  If that bothers you, quit reading now.  However, I realize most of you also enjoy our great outdoors in many ways including hunting.  Yes, I love to hunt too, but admittedly end up spending more time on the water, even in the fall. What I really want to do with this blog post is continue with a theme that I mentioned before Thanksgiving.  A …

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A year ago now, I was already on the ice!  Over the Thanksgiving weekend last year, spent a bit of time with family pulling some fish through an ice hole! We caught some bluegills and largemouth bass that day, nothing big, but you can see we had fun!  A week or two earlier, my son had already dried off some nice pike through the ice! I am not a meteorologist and even if I was, I could not tell you …

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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Hard-To Buy-For Outdoor Enthusiast

I know it sounds cliché, but I’ll be the first to admit it. As a hardcore outdoor enthusiast, finding a holiday gift for me is a difficult task. In fact, whether you hunt, trap, fish, boat, kayak, camp, backpack, hike, bike or watch wildlife, I bet you are also in the hard-to-buy-for category. Am I right? We are a picky lot, aren’t we? We are a detailed bunch. We know what we need and desire to have. And what the …

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Late Fall Access Updates


Again, by this time I know these news items are not going to be of interest to many.  But, on the chance that there are a few that would want to know, and knowing how long it takes word to get around. . . . Cottonwood-Steverson WMA boat ramp reopens after repairs The boat ramp at Cottonwood-Steverson Wildlife Management Area, located north of Hyannis in Cherry County, has reopened. The ramp underwent significant repairs due to the undermining, settlement and …

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One That Almost Got Away!

P8200041 (2)

Have something for the weekend to make you grin.  Admittedly, I found this making the rounds on the internet; suppose some of you might have already seen it.  If not, I am stealing it and sharing it here: That reminded me of this meme: I can tell the guy in the video knew what he was doing!  Yes, he knew how to snag his fish out of the gutter.  He also knew a great bait with which to do it!  …

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Carter P.

One thing I try to do here on my blog is keep folks informed of what is going on concerning fish and aquatic resources in Nebraska.  Good news or bad news, people need to know and if you love to fish you want to know. Today’s post gives me no pleasure.  It is bad news.  But again, folks need to know. . . . So, this news release finally went out yesterday.  You may have heard it already, it is …

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Youth Fishing Instructor Newsletter, Fall 2023

Youth_fishing_logo (1)

It has been a long time since I posted one of our Youth Fishing Instructor newsletters.  Time to correct that: If you are one of our volunteer fishing instructors, I fully realize that you have probably already seen that newsletter.  However, if you want to read it here on my blog, great!  Oh, and by the way, THANK YOU for all you do!  There is a ton of stuff we do that would not get done without the help of …

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Autumn Evening


The calendar said it was fall, late fall.  In reality it was a beautiful evening, warm, a breath of southeast breeze.  A few clouds hung in the western sky, just enough to make another spectacular autumn sunset. I got to the lake early; wanted to scout a few spots before the evening bite.  It was a reservoir I had fished before, but never in the fall.  Up until this evening, I had never targeted walleyes there either.  Having done some …

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Davis Creek Update

Davis Creek Reservoir

A few weeks ago I spread the word about some road work scheduled at Davis Creek Reservoir.  In the past week or two I started hearing some rumors about that project and then I saw an official update: Davis Creek Recreation Area Road Closure Postponed The road improvement project previously scheduled for Oct. 1 through December 21, 2023, at Davis Creek Recreation Area, is being postponed. No construction bids were accepted for the project to pave the access road through …

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What you need to know for the firearm deer hunting season

As Nebraska’s largest hunt by participation – the firearm deer hunting season – comes into view from Nov. 11-19, visions of antlers and venison tenderloins can make the mind wander a bit. So before you take to your stand or blind, please read over these deer hunting safety tips and regulation reminders to keep yourself focused, safe, ethical and within the rules. With 44 years at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, and as a rural land manager and longtime …

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