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Fish Flop Friday

Proper fish handling is a topic I blog about frequently.  With the significance of catch & release in all fishing now, handling fish so they have the maximum chance of survival is imperative. The thing is, fish are slimy.  They can also be very lively and strong when being handled.  All of that can result in some awkward moments when no matter our good intentions, the fish end up doing something else. That can create some instances when you just …

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Sturgeon, You Gotta Know!


Have to return to a topic I have blogged about before.  From what I have seen and heard over the past few days, there is no doubt that there are a bunch of anglers who need to know some sturgeon identification! The Missouri River and the lower portion of tributaries to the Missouri in Nebraska can be home to sturgeon.  The shovelnose sturgeon is relatively common in some of those waters.  However, correct sturgeon identification is critical because pallid and …

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Courting Bluegills

A first-hand account of this rare spectacle Story and photos by Eric Fowler If you’ve spent much time fishing, chances are you’ve seen a male bluegill guarding its spawning bed, a bowl-shaped depression that it fans out in the lakebed using its tail. Or numerous bluegills in a nesting colony, each guarding its own bed. If, instead of casting to those beds hoping to catch dinner, you put down your rod and reel and watched for a time, you may …

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Community Fishing Events, 2024


Time to publicize the full list of Community Fishing Events for this summer! Family fun returns with 2024 Community Fishing Events Join the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for another spring and summer of fun with Community Fishing Events. Community Fishing Events provide opportunities for people of all ages who have never fished or have not fished in years to learn and enjoy the activity. Rods and reels, as well as bait and fishing instruction, will be available for free. …

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Go Fish, Now


We are well into May now.  It is time to fish!  I will tell you generally, May and June are two of the best months for open-water fishing in Nebraska.  I do not care what species you like to catch, which waters you like to fish–Do Not Pass “Go”, Do Not Collect $200, Just Go Fish!  Now! Sure gather as much information as you can get.  But, you really do not need to fish for fishing reports.  Make your own: …

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Aquatic Habitat 2024

Recent projects to improve fisheries and access are coming into their own and producing keeper-sized fish. By Eric Fowler Three years after Glenn Cunningham Lake in Omaha was drained to kill invasive zebra mussels, the reservoir is expected to provide excellent fishing this year. Drawing down the 390-acre reservoir in 2019 also allowed the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to replace vegetation barriers and gravel on spawning beds and repair a breakwater and fishing deck installed during a major Aquatic …

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Paddlefish Stats


Want to call attention to a report that was recently posted on our Game & Parks webpage.  I know a lot of folks have questions about our paddlefish seasons, both archery and snagging.  There are always questions about the permits and chances to draw.  There are also questions about success and harvest. This report will answer them all: Please check out the”cleaner” version, .pdf HERE: 2023 Paddlefish Seasons Summary with 2024 Drawing Odds

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How to Land More Largemouth Bass

Tips on how to catch more largemouth bass with a frog By Ryan Sparks Casting a frog into a weed-choked farm pond and watching a largemouth bass explode from beneath is arguably the most fun you can have while fishing. Most people think of July and August as the dog days of summer — fish retreat to deep water and heavy weeds make fishing difficult. In this situation, pulling a hollow-bodied frog over the top and catching big bass feels …

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It’s Not Too Late!

Still plenty of time! Nebraska anglers still have time to join Midwest Walleye Challenge Nebraska anglers still have plenty of time to enter the Midwest Walleye Challenge and be eligible for prizes, as well as to gather data that biologists can use to help manage walleye populations. Anglers in 13 states and one Canadian province are participating by entering the waters in which they pursue walleyes and photographing fish they catch. The collection of angler catch data during the Nebraska …

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Merritt Road Work


Going to spread some news around some more today.  If you fish Merritt Reservoir, this will affect you this year: Highway project underway around Merritt A highway widening and resurfacing project is underway on Highway 97 around Merritt Reservoir State Recreation Area southwest of Valentine. Visitors can expect delays. The Nebraska Department of Transportation is working on the 5-mile stretch from Merritt Dam Road to Snake River Road. The project will include asphalt resurfacing, pavement widening, culvert work and grading. …

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