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Barbs and Backlashes

Some Access Notes

I have news releases about projects that will affect access to a couple of our waterbodies.  If you fish these waters, you will want to know: Tree removal begins July 16 at Hershey WMA A tree-removal project at Hershey Wildlife Management Area, which will boost angler bank access and improve access for controlling invasive and noxious weeds, will begin July 16 with completion in approximately one month. This project in Lincoln County will open the lake’s shoreline by mulching eastern …

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Biggest One Yet!


I cannot think of a single angler who does not get excited by big fish.  Big fish of one species or another, if not several, really “turn our crank”! Some of us continue the pursuit of big fish right through our entire angling career.  A new “PB” (personal best) is a cause for celebration.  Just like this: May it always be so! Oh, and a “trophy” is what YOU make of it!  And do not let anyone tell you differently. …

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Aquatic Vegetation Treatment at North Platte Interstate Lake


Just got this news release and I want to spread it around.  Again, I know this is not a huge fishery and this will not affect a lot of anglers.  On the other hand, if this is one of your fishing holes, you will want to know: Invasive aquatic plants to be treated at Iron Horse Park Lake In 2022, Nebraska Game and Parks confirmed the presence of a hybrid variety of the invasive aquatic plant Eurasian watermilfoil in Iron …

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Harlan Rehab Project


Lots of dirt being moved at the mouth of Methodist Cove at Harlan County Reservoir right now.  Found this update on the project: Partners Working Hard to Deliver Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration We know that bay and cove habitats are very important to reservoir fisheries.  Unfortunately, over time, shoreline erosion and sediment deposition can isolate those habitats from the main body of the reservoir.  When that happens fish populations can be deprived of important habitats and ultimately fishing can decline, at …

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Happy Independence Day!


Heading out the door for a long “4th of July” holiday! Will be spending lots of time with lots of family.  We will feast and celebrate in many ways.  You can be sure we will burn some gun powder, probably a few fingers, laugh, and thoroughly enjoy every minute of each other’s company. I promise, I will try to slip away and spend some time on the water too! Have a great holiday, be safe, enjoy your time with family …

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Paddlefish Snagging Applications


Friendly reminder: Paddlefish snagging permits accepted July 1-14 Applications for paddlefish snagging permits will be accepted by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission from July 1-14. The application period opens at 1 p.m. Central time July 1. Mail applications must be received by Game and Parks’ Lincoln office by 5 p.m. Central on July 14, while online applications must be received by 11:59 p.m. Central on July 14. Two anglers may submit a joint application, but the applicants must both …

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Color Commentary

Found this video somewhere on the interwebs.  I got a laugh out of it: Gotta admit, watching bass fishing on TV would be even better if Morgan Freeman was doing the color commentary! Hope you get on the water this weekend.  Hope you catch some fish, and hope you take some time to laugh (even if it is at yourself).  Hope you do not take a lure to the booty!

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Onto Something Bigger


About a month ago I noted that I like to transition from my spring turkey hunting addiction back to fishing sometime in late spring (Great Spring).  I often “ease” back into it by watching a bobber.  That never gets old! However, I have to admit, after drying off some panfish, my thoughts quickly pivot to something bigger, to some larger predators. I have been on a few different waters around the state in the past few weeks.  Larger predator fish …

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Hayes Center Access Improvement


I know this is not a large area, and this news item is not going to impact a lot of anglers.  But, I also know it has been needed! Hayes Center WMA boating access project begins June 27 Construction of a single-lane, concrete boat launch will begin June 27 at the Hayes Center Wildlife Management Area in northeast Hayes County. This project addresses the lack of suitable access to the lake. Primitive launch sites existed sporadically around the lake but …

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Gonna Have to Get One!


Been seeing this commercial on TV recently: Apparently, carp fishermen are one of their big target audiences?  Or should I say big carp fishermen are one of their targets? Anyway, the commercial got my attention and I love it!  Gotta admit, one of those watches could come in handy!  I would imagine it works with other species of fish too? Hope you catch a big flopping fish to hug and take pictures of this weekend.  And notice, it was released!

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