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Barbs and Backlashes

Depth and Speed


A week ago I blogged about a favorite discussion topic among anglers–lure or bait color.  Actually, I did not blog about it so much as stole my buddy, Greg Wagner’s blog post on the subject.  That topic generates a lot of interest among anglers.  I have blogged about it before. That got me thinking.  I will always tell you that you should worry about a lot of presentation variables before you worry about color.  Anglers tend to jump to color …

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Some Boat Ramp News


Got a news item today that will not affect many Nebraska anglers, but it will some.  In fact, I heard some questions can comments about these ramps at the Omaha Sport Show.  So, to spread the news, some of you will want to know: Riverview Marina, Brownville Riverside Park boat ramps temporarily closed for repairs Boating access improvements at Riverview Marina State Recreation Area in Nebraska City and Brownville Riverside Park will begin March 13. Boat ramps at those areas …

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Nebraska’s weather has done its usual March, Nebraska thing this week.  I say it is schizophrenic.  That, and the cold water, makes this one of the toughest times of year to catch fish from open water.  On the other hand, if you can still get on the ice, late ice can be some of the best fishing of the year.  That is exactly why I hope every year for the ice to last as long as possible. But, assuming that …

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Purple with Pink Polka Dots


March can be a bit of a “‘tweener time”.  You know, the ice is too thin to walk on, but too thick to cast into.  The water may be liquid, but the weather is bad.  As a result, some of us sit and stare at our tackle boxes.  Or, we make a trip to our favorite tackle shop, walk the aisles and drop some $$$$$.  While doing that, I know what goes through your mind, “Wow, that looks like a …

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Fisheries Meetings, Spring 2023


Monday blog post and I usually try to highlight some news item.  Many of you may have already heard about this, but I am going to spread the word anyhow: Join Game and Parks in virtual discussion on fisheries in March Join the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission in a virtual discussion on fisheries management during meetings March 20-23. These four regional public informational sessions – one for each Game and Parks district – will provide local updates on the …

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Now That’s a Net Man!


Some of you will remember the old Rapala X-Rap commercials, the ones where an extreme net man was sold with the X-Rap.  In keeping with the season, like this one: I recently discovered a video that proves that extreme net men do exist!  This net man should win some kind of award! “Are you wet?”  Ha! Might want to consider wearing that PFD! Now, all of you reading this, you owe it to your fishing partners to be a competent …

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Adventure Report, Late Ice 2023

According to many experts on the interwebs, Nebraska’s ice-fishing season has been DONE for a couple of weeks now. BALONEY. Nebraska is a big state.  You have probably heard me say before that the state’s geography and climate changes A LOT from one end of the state to the other.  You may live in the southeast part of Nebraska, where much of our human population does live, and you may think the ice fishing season is over.  It ain’t, not …

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Spring Trout Stocking, 2023

Spreading the word.  This news release went out last week: Two Rivers Trout Lake to open March 11; statewide stockings to follow Another spring of trout fishing fun is on tap in Nebraska. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is scheduling the release of rainbow trout in waters across the state. This will give anglers and families, especially at city ponds and lakes, additional angling opportunities for this popular species. It starts March 11, opening day of the Trout Lake …

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Some More Great Advice!


Found some more great advice on-line.  From guess whom?  Hank Patterson, who else? Now I know some of you will tune out ole Hank right away, because he is a fly fisherman, and you don’t fly fish.  Big mistake.  Hank’s advice applies to all of the fishing baits, lures, and flies that we buy, and we all do! So, listen.  And make sure you listen right up until the end! That just means you need more practice.  GO FISH! Oh, …

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Play Your Hunches


I am not done ice fishing, yet.  Oh sure, I know parts of Nebraska have open water now.  I also know that other parts of Nebraska still have plenty of ice.  As long as I can find ice, I am going to take advantage of it.  “Stay tuned”. But, yes, this is definitely “tweener” time, in many places the ice is too thin to walk on, but too thick to cast through.  What do I blog about at a time …

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