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Gracie Creek Pond Open


Highlighting another news item today.  No, it will not interest a lot of you, but I know it will be of much interest for some of you: Gracie Creek Pond set to reopen to anglers The Gracie Creek Pond rehabilitation project is nearing completion, and the area once again will be open for anglers to pursue rainbow trout. The pond is located in the northwest corner of Calamus Reservoir along Highway 96. It was severely damaged from flooding and sedimentation …

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This past week has been the main rifle deer season in Nebraska.  If you are an outdoors-person, you would be living under a rock not to know that.  Social media has been full of photos, some of some really nice deer.  I have heard some good stories too. Seriously, it is good knowing that a lot of folks have been in the field making a lot of memories this past week! In the past I have commemorated the deer season …

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Ice Fishing Primer

I know I am not the only one.  There are some of you that are just as crazy as I am. . . . This cold snap has us wondering how soon we might be on the ice! Now, I am not going to post my annual reminder about ice safety, yet.  My bet is it is going to be a while yet before we have enough ice to be ice-fishing.  However, I know it is not too soon to …

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New Permit System

If you have not already, you will be hearing about this: New, Improved Permit System Coming Soon Nebraska Game and Parks is pleased to announce that changes are coming soon to our permitting system! Our goal is to make buying permits easier and more convenient. We wanted to make you aware of these changes in advance; they will affect how you buy your 2023 permits. Next week, you will receive an email with information on how to locate your online …

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Game and Parks receives grant to restore grassland and wetland habitat

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and its partners have received a $4 million grant through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to restore grassland and wetland habitat for at-risk species. A four-year conservation project will take place in the Sandhills and adjacent areas, where wetlands and streams face alteration and channelization. Grasslands also are being encroached by eastern redcedar, which can reduce the available forage for livestock, increase wildfire risk, reduce stream flow, and degrade wildlife habitat. A voluntary, …

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And Now We Have Crabs

Yep, I purposely posted that title.  Got your attention, didn’t I?  Now let me tell you the story. . . . Got a message last week.  Person asked if there were blue crabs in Nebraska? My answer was short and easy, “NO, there are NO crabs found in Nebraska.” Then I got the photos.  They were taken on the shoreline of an urban reservoir: Take a closer look: Yep, look like blue crabs to me. Now you know why I …

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I probably should have blogged about this last month during the paddlefish snagging season.  Sorry, I did not get around to it then, but I am not going to miss this opportunity to highlight a Nebraskaland story you should check out. One of our Missouri River fisheries biologists, Kirk Steffensen, wrote a story on paddlefish and our Nebraska paddlefish fishery on the Missouri River.  I know the fish, that fishery and its history will be of interest to a lot …

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Fridays I try to lighten up a little bit.  Definitely been the kind of week where I could use some levity at the end of it. Folks are just so sensitive. . . . I love funny commercials, especially fishing commercials.  Ugly Stik has had some good ones over the years.  I cannot speak about their reels, but I have an Ugly Stik rod, have had it since I was a kid.  I am not going to tell you I …

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Rediscovering Hairy Clematis

Story and photos by Gerry Steinauer With no formal training as a writer, my Nebraskaland articles usually require hard work — including days pondering a storyline, late nights writing and re-rewriting, as well as extensive travel to obtain photos. Recently, however, the storyline and photos for an article on the rare hairy clematis (Clematis hirisutissima) fell into my lap. The Plant Although hairy clematis is common throughout much of the western United States, it is rare in Nebraska. Here it …

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Fish Smarter, Not Harder


Fall has been “on” for several weeks now.  If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that means I have been fishing, hard.  I probably fish as hard or harder in the fall than I do any other time of year, especially any other time of open-water fishing. What does that mean?  Does it mean I am on the water sunrise to sunset, three, four, or five days a week?  I wish, but not hardly. Don’t …

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