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Holiday Report


A couple of weeks ago, on my way out the door for the Independence Day holiday, I promised I would spend at least a little time on the water.  We always thoroughly enjoy our time with family over “the 4th”.  This year was no exception.  We spent a lot of time together and had a lot of fun. I am not going to tell you that I was able to sneak away and spend a lot of time fishing.  I …

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Biggest One Yet!


I cannot think of a single angler who does not get excited by big fish.  Big fish of one species or another, if not several, really “turn our crank”! Some of us continue the pursuit of big fish right through our entire angling career.  A new “PB” (personal best) is a cause for celebration.  Just like this: May it always be so! Oh, and a “trophy” is what YOU make of it!  And do not let anyone tell you differently. …

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Happy Independence Day!


Heading out the door for a long “4th of July” holiday! Will be spending lots of time with lots of family.  We will feast and celebrate in many ways.  You can be sure we will burn some gun powder, probably a few fingers, laugh, and thoroughly enjoy every minute of each other’s company. I promise, I will try to slip away and spend some time on the water too! Have a great holiday, be safe, enjoy your time with family …

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Paddlefish Snagging Applications


Friendly reminder: Paddlefish snagging permits accepted July 1-14 Applications for paddlefish snagging permits will be accepted by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission from July 1-14. The application period opens at 1 p.m. Central time July 1. Mail applications must be received by Game and Parks’ Lincoln office by 5 p.m. Central on July 14, while online applications must be received by 11:59 p.m. Central on July 14. Two anglers may submit a joint application, but the applicants must both …

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On Top With Your Summer Fishing

Chug bug. Jitterbug. Hula popper. Creek chub knuckle-head. Zara spook. They all have very creative names and designs by the companies that manufacture them. They imitate every conceivable critter that could be on, around or just under the surface of the water in a wild environment from baitfish or bugs to mice or lizards to frogs, toads or even small flying mammals. They are the “go-to” fishing lures of summer. They are top water lures or surface lures, some call …

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Onto Something Bigger


About a month ago I noted that I like to transition from my spring turkey hunting addiction back to fishing sometime in late spring (Great Spring).  I often “ease” back into it by watching a bobber.  That never gets old! However, I have to admit, after drying off some panfish, my thoughts quickly pivot to something bigger, to some larger predators. I have been on a few different waters around the state in the past few weeks.  Larger predator fish …

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There’s no excuse for not wearing a life jacket on the water!

It bothers me to no end that people have such cavalier excuses regarding why they don’t want to wear life jackets on the water in a boat. For instance, this year, with higher water conditions, faster currents and more debris in the water, why would you even think of not wearing a life jacket if you’re planning on boating (where there are not flood watches or warnings)? I just don’t understand it! What excuses are you going to give us? …

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Bluegill are a great catch in summer

It’s hot. It’s humid. Whew! Yeah, it’s summer alright. Hey, has your fishing success slowed with the conditions? I though so. Well, one fish leads the way with lots of action for anglers in the good, old summertime — bluegill. A male bluegill stands guard on its nest in a southern Nebraska pond. Underwater photo courtesy of NEBRASKAland Magazine/Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Maybe it’s the kid in me, I don’t know. But, at 61 years of age (approaching 62), …

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“Dive! Dive! Dive!”


Wherever anglers gather, whenever one catches more fish than others, everyone wants to know what bait?  The next question is what color? The color question should be the last thing considered.  There are many other presentation factors that are much more important.  The first of those, especially when using crankbaits, is depth.  How deep does a particular lure run? I have blogged about this topic before.  If you want to dive into (sorry, I couldn’t resist) some details, take a …

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Courting Bluegills

Bluegills are one of the most widespread and common fish in Nebraska. They are also one of the most interesting. This time of year most anglers know it is not hard to find colonies of spawning bluegills.  A patient person can catch some of those fish.  Patience is required because the males guarding the nest are much more interested in guarding and herding a willing female onto the nest than they are in biting.  Nonetheless, if you can hover a …

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