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Bluegill are a great catch for summer fishing

It’s hot. It’s humid. Whew! Yeah, it’s summer alright. Hey, has your fishing success slowed with the conditions? I though so. Well, one fish leads the way with lots of action for anglers in the good, old summertime — bluegill. A male bluegill stands guard on its nest in a southern Nebraska pond. Underwater photo courtesy of NEBRASKAland Magazine/Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Maybe it’s the kid in me, I don’t know. But, at 61 years of age (approaching 62), …

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“Dive! Dive! Dive!”


Wherever anglers gather, whenever one catches more fish than others, everyone wants to know what bait?  The next question is what color? The color question should be the last thing considered.  There are many other presentation factors that are much more important.  The first of those, especially when using crankbaits, is depth.  How deep does a particular lure run? I have blogged about this topic before.  If you want to dive into (sorry, I couldn’t resist) some details, take a …

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Courting Bluegills

Bluegills are one of the most widespread and common fish in Nebraska. They are also one of the most interesting. This time of year most anglers know it is not hard to find colonies of spawning bluegills.  A patient person can catch some of those fish.  Patience is required because the males guarding the nest are much more interested in guarding and herding a willing female onto the nest than they are in biting.  Nonetheless, if you can hover a …

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Great Spring


Calendar says it is the end of May.  Our Great Plains weather does not necessarily follow the calendar, but it is safe to say “spring” is coming to an end. It has been a great one! I may not necessarily blog about my adventures as often during the spring as I do at other times.  The reason for that is spring only lasts so long and I am busy trying to spend as much time as possible in the field.  …

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Memorial Day, 2024


I will pretty much tell you May and June are two of the best months for open-water fishing in Nebraska.  That is true every year, a variety of waters, for a variety of fish. For that reason, Memorial Day weekend is one when a lot of fish are caught.  Oh sure, some wet, stormy weather can put a damper on that, but you really should be fishing.  NOW!  Yes, the weekend will be busy, yes, there will be other folks …

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Time for a Reminder


The kickoff of summer is here.  Our waters will be busy again this year, and everyone has a part to play! As zebra mussels creep closer, Game and Parks urges boaters to Clean, Drain and Dry While Nebraskans can expect to see many boaters on the lakes this Memorial Day weekend, they also can expect to find Nebraska Game and Parks staff inspecting boats for invasive zebra mussels. Zebra mussels are a small, D-shaped clam with alternating light and dark …

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Going fishing? Here’s how to not let the big one get away!

All of us who love to fish have a story or two about the one that got away, don’t we? Invariably, the tale involves hooking the fish of a lifetime and losing it to unforeseen circumstances or mistakes. Trust me, I have made my share of mistakes when it comes to large, prized game fish. Your blogger mishandling a nice-sized channel catfish. Photo by Rich Berggren/Conservation Officer with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Without question, these stories, however embellished, …

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Community Fishing Events, 2024


Time to publicize the full list of Community Fishing Events for this summer! Family fun returns with 2024 Community Fishing Events Join the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for another spring and summer of fun with Community Fishing Events. Community Fishing Events provide opportunities for people of all ages who have never fished or have not fished in years to learn and enjoy the activity. Rods and reels, as well as bait and fishing instruction, will be available for free. …

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Go Fish, Now


We are well into May now.  It is time to fish!  I will tell you generally, May and June are two of the best months for open-water fishing in Nebraska.  I do not care what species you like to catch, which waters you like to fish–Do Not Pass “Go”, Do Not Collect $200, Just Go Fish!  Now! Sure gather as much information as you can get.  But, you really do not need to fish for fishing reports.  Make your own: …

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Paddlefish Stats


Want to call attention to a report that was recently posted on our Game & Parks webpage.  I know a lot of folks have questions about our paddlefish seasons, both archery and snagging.  There are always questions about the permits and chances to draw.  There are also questions about success and harvest. This report will answer them all: Please check out the”cleaner” version, .pdf HERE: 2023 Paddlefish Seasons Summary with 2024 Drawing Odds

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