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Topwater Time


Yes, I am going to be “lazy” with this blog post.  My buddy Greg Wagner’s recent blog post was about topwater baits.  It reviews many things I said in a blog post a few years ago (Top Edge) plus adds additional information.  This is an excellent time of year to review topwater baits and their use.  This is “topwater time”.  Please follow the link: Get on Top with Top Water Lures Choose the right topwater for the situation you are …

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Chance to Speak Up


This notice from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was recently brought to my attention: Nominate U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Lands in Need of Better Public Access The John D. Dingell Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act, signed into law in 2019, includes a provision intended to increase recreation access to public lands. Section 4105 instructs the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other federal land management agencies to develop and publish a priority list of public lands where public …

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I have a million sunset photos.  Oh sure, quite a few sunrise photos too, but far more sunsets.  There is just something about that time of day, the sun, the colors, the water, the quiet, often the fish biting, I just cannot resist taking another one.  At the time the photo was taken, I might have felt the same, but every sunset/sunrise is different. For my Friday blog posts, I have thought about just posting sunset pictures.  If I did …

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Arrrgggghhhhh! The Mayflies are Coming!


This news release went out recently: Mayflies a natural phenomenon that passes quickly at Lewis and Clark Lake They’re almost here. The annual emergence of mayflies at Lewis and Clark State Recreation Area near Crofton means the insect soon will be plentiful near and around the lake as they swarm to lights from the marina, cabins, facilities and campers. Nebraska Game and Parks asks for patience during the aquatic insect’s short-lived emergence period, which typically occurs in July or August …

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Gracie Creek Pond


Swung by the Gracie Creek Pond on the north side of Calamus Reservoir recently.  For those of you that might not know, there is a little pond there where highway 96 crosses Gracie Creek.  The water from Gracie Creek is cold enough to support trout, so we frequently stock catchable-size, 10-inch rainbow trout into the pond.  There is easy access there including an accessible fishing dock and it is a popular fishing spot. Unfortunately, cold water is not the only …

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Recently, I was asked to be on the Great Plains Outdoors podcast.  That is something I like to do–ramble on about Nebraska and Nebraska fishing for an hour.  Now, I sure do not expect you to listen to it, but if you are interested, if you have an hour to burn, you can “tune in”: Nebraska Fishing with Daryl Bauer and Grandpa Fish We had some fun with it.  I believe I may have told them a thing or three …

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Adventure Report, Mid-Summer 2022

P6010009 (2)

I have been “out” on a couple of trips in the past few weeks.  I got outta the eastern part of the state and into “real” Nebraska, back to the sandhills.  The trips were made to spend time with family and meet with co-workers, but you know the fishing gear went with me.  It always does! I did not necessarily spend a lot of time fishing, nor did I get to fish prime times.  I will always tell you the …

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Summer Fishing Tips


This news release went out recently; might as well spread it around: Tips to give anglers edge during summer heat in Nebraska Anglers can use all the help they can get in the heat of summer when fishing gets tough. They, and their baits, really are up against it. There is much competition in the water. Knowing when and where to fish can make all the difference for them. “Fishing gets tough in the summer because fish have so much …

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The Fish Sing to Me


I have always joked that one day I will learn to communicate with the fish.  The day that occurs, I am outta here, gone fishing, permanently.  If I suddenly quit blogging, you will know what happened. However, I suspect several of you have fish that already sing to you: Surprisingly, I do NOT have one of those hanging in my office.  By the way, that song is a great anthem for catch & release!  (I know, I have a one-track …

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Summer Catch & Release


Seems like mid-summer most years I end up posting a blog about catch & release and proper fish handling.  Going to do it again. . . . First of all, to those of you who think you can ignore this because you “catch all you can, and can all you catch”.  BALONEY.  Either by regulation or by personal choice, you WILL BE releasing at least some fish.  When you do that, you might as well do it right or else …

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