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Since this is the 25th anniversary of our Nebraska Game & Parks Commission’s Aquatic Habitat Program we have been highlighting the achievements of that program this year.  I have blogged about it several times.  I want to return to that subject today.  In fact, this is a blog post that I should have done months ago. . . . This past year Nebraska’s Aquatic Habitat Program was honored by the Fisheries Management Section of the American Fisheries Society.  The American …

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Still Time!

From the looks of it, a lot of folks have forgotten about our Take ‘Em Fishing challenge this year.  I know school is starting and summer is coming to an end, but there is still time to find someone who has not been fishing, or has not fished for some time, and get ’em on the water! If you need more incentive, you can do that and be eligible to win prizes!  (HINT, HINT, wink, wink–with less participation this year, …

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Big Cats!


My buddy and co-blogger Greg Wagner posted a great blog on catch & release again last week.  I know a lot of people see his “stuff”, but I want to spread it around even more.  So, yes, again I am being lazy, Greg already did the work, all I am doing is suggesting you follow the link and READ IT! Release Big Catfish Unharmed Greg does a great job explaining why the release of fish, especially big fish is important.  …

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The Butterfly Explorers

Story and photos by Renae Blum It had been a slow year so far. But not at this moment. Joanne Langabee calls out, “I’ve got an orange and a blue!” Her companion, Holly Hofreiter, responds almost immediately: “I’ve got a Peck’s” — short for Peck’s skipper. One butterfly after another materializes from the prairie grasses at their feet, just seconds apart, but the women aren’t fazed. They continue calling back and forth in a kind of butterfly shorthand, identifying new …

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Enders Boat Ramps


There was a recent news release on some boat access improvements being done at Enders Reservoir.  I want to share that around: Boat launch improvements underway at Enders Reservoir SRA Boating access improvements at Enders Reservoir State Recreation Area in southwest Nebraska have begun and are expected to last through the fall. Public access will be affected. Phase 1 of the project will restore boating access to Area A by extending the boat ramp. Other planned amenities here include Americans …

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First Time Fly Fisher


Let me have a little fun with my fellow fly-fishers today: I have heard enough negativity for one week, so before you start sending me more hate mail. . . LIGHTEN UP! My philosophy has always been to “use the right tool for the job”.  There are some fishing situations when a fly rod is absolutely the best tool!  In that case, HAND ME THE FLY ROD!!!! But, they really are just bobbers. Ha. Have a great weekend, GO FISH, …

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Trout Slam Update, Summer 2022


It has been a while since I have done a Trout Slam update; here it is: We have had 15 Trout Slams completed so far in 2022.  Fourteen different anglers have completed the Trout Slam this year; one angler has completed it twice this year.  Of the fourteen anglers that completed a Trout Slam in 2022, seven of them have completed at least one Trout Slam previously.  Four of those “repeats” completed their second Trout Slam (Kurt Seevers, Justin Bignell, …

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Wagon Train Update


I have a news release I want to share: Wagon Train SRA lake to be chemically renovated Aug. 10 Wagon Train State Recreation Area lake will be chemically renovated Aug. 10, weather depending, to remove the existing fish population. Activities at the rec area, about 2 miles east of Hickman, will be limited that day. The rotenone treatment is aimed at eliminating common carp, white perch and gizzard shad, which are detrimental to aquatic habitat and water quality. Because rotenone …

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Release Big Catfish Unharmed

Why do some people get perplexed when they see someone release a massive, master angler-sized catfish? After all, catfish, even the larger ones, sure taste good, don’t they? So why is it every time we see an angler report or a social media post mention or show a picture of a large catfish they have put back in the water, a spirited discussion most likely ensues over what should or should have not been done with that whopper? So how …

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Golden Brown


I have commented before that when you spend enough time in the field or on the water, you will see some unusual things.  Pointy-headed fisheries biologists handle thousands of fish.  Sure, we see some exceptionally large specimens and occasionally we see some other oddities. Unusually-colored fish get a lot of attention.  The “interwebs” often have photos of oddly-colored fish or fish with other weirdness.  I believe part of the reason for the occurence of those oddities is fish produce so …

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