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Sleep Tight, Kermie


It is the eve before Halloween, and who doesn’t like a good spook story? What if you were a frog? It had been a great summer.  Water was all through the hills.  The meadows were wet, grass was thick, lots of bugs to eat.  One could roam far. Oh sure, there was always some heron poking around, or a bull snake slithering through the grass.  But, it only took a hop and motionless sit to avoid them.  Raccoons?  You could …

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Dry Spotted Tail Creek in the News


Simply want to link to another newspaper story in this blog post.  Recently, the Scottsbluff Star-Herald ran a great story on the wetland and stream restoration project on Dry Spotted Tail Creek.  Please follow the link! Agencies Combine Efforts to Improve Fish Habitat at Dry Spotted Tail Creek Oh yes, some great pictures there too!  Take a look at them. I have not taken a trip out to see the project, yet.  One of these days we will be more …

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Reflecting on the Crown-tipped Coral

One morning last July, I was riding in a UTV down a trail at Indian Cave State Park with ecologist Krista Lang, when I blurted out “Stop, stop, stop!” What had I seen? What had so excited this botanist? There, deep in the oak woods, growing on a log, was a beautiful crown-tipped coral mushroom. One of our missions that day was to photograph mushrooms, and this was a perfect specimen — fresh, big and immaculately shaped. But there was …

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Good Time for a Reminder


I suppose some might say I am too late, we now have snow and cold.  But, I am betting there is going to be some open water for a while yet.  Certainly, many are now taking docks, lifts and boats out of the water for the winter.  That means it is the perfect time to be on the lookout for unwanted zebra mussels. Check boats, lifts, and docks for invasive aquatic hitchhikers as weather cools LINCOLN, Neb. – As the …

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Marking Time, Big Red Style


Like most Nebraskans, I have been in withdrawal with no Husker football this fall.  I have degrees from both the University of Nebraska and South Dakota State University, and was looking forward to enjoying the game that had been scheduled between my alma maters.  Stinkin’ coronavirus and the Big 10 took that away from me. To keep my sanity, I have been watching and listening to old Husker games .  Yes, many haters will point out that Husker fans live …

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Front Page Pallid Sturgeon


Walked by the break table on Monday.  The daily newspapers were lying there. Whoa, there was a pallid sturgeon on the front page of the Omaha World Herald! You gotta read the story! Research Underscores Toll of Human-Engineered Missouri River on Pallid Sturgeon I am proud to know the researchers mentioned in the article.  Proud of the work we are doing on the Missouri River.  I hope some day our “lower” Missouri River in Nebraska is more like a wild …

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Fall Trout Stocking Update


I would blog about something else, but my phone keeps ringing.  Everyone wants to know if their favorite urban or parks pond has been stocked with the 10-inch rainbows yet.  When we publish a stocking schedule, we always post a disclaimer–a breakdown, bad weather, unforeseen events will result in a change in the schedule.  It happens, or should I say, “it happened”: Fremont Lakes SRA No. 2 trout stocking delayed October 15, 2020 LINCOLN, Neb. – Due to vehicle mechanical …

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Gavins Reminder


I know this has been publicized already, but I am going to put it out there again.  If you are still snagging paddlefish, everything is going to change on Monday, and you better know about it.  Especially note the last paragraph in this news release from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Gavins Point Dam spillway gate to undergo maintenance, some impact on anglers during paddlefish season expected YANKTON, S.D. — The maintenance will require water to flow from a …

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News Items, October 13, 2020


A couple of news releases I have seen that I want to publicize some more.  First, in part. . . Commissioners to consider sport fishing orders at Oct. 15 meeting LINCOLN, Neb. – The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will consider amendments to sport fishing orders when it meets Oct. 15 in Ogallala. The meeting will start at 8:30 a.m. Mountain time at the Keith County Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall, 1000 W. 3rd St. Proposed sport fishing amendments will include orders …

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Thought of the Week


I have nothing today.  Might as well turn it over to the Muppets: Gotta love fish jokes.  Gotta love a guy with boomerang fish! Maybe I got nothing today because my mind is back on the river. . . . The citation on this quote is that it comes from a Chinese philosopher.  I hope the Chinese do not mind if I changed a word or two. Do not know if I am successful or not.  Some days I wonder.  …

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