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Application Period for Archery Paddlefish Permits


Again I am blogging about something you might have already seen, but I want to spread the word as much as possible and there is something upon which I especially would like to comment.  So, as I have often done, starting with the news release: Archery paddlefish applications accepted March 1-14 LINCOLN, Neb. – The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will accept archery paddlefish permit applications March 1-14. The application period begins at 1 p.m. Central Time on March 1. …

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Paddlefish Snagging Season, 2017


October means paddlefish snagging season below Gavins Point Dam for those who drew a tag.  I have not said anything about this year’s season, but I want to mention that I have heard some great reports!  From what I have been hearing, the catch rates have been very good, and fish of a variety of sizes have been caught. I know a couple of guys who had tags this year, one of them his first paddlfish tag ever, and they …

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What Lurks Beneath, May 2017


I like to post a lot of fish pictures on my blog–I cannot get enough of big fish pictures and I have learned there are a lot of other folks that think the same way.  One other purpose in doing that is to again let folks know that our Nebraska fisheries workers are always busy, always doing something, and our fisheries biologists spend a lot of time in the field handling a lot of fish.  No, we do not necessarily …

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Paddlefish Stocking in Central Nebraska Canal System

This past week the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission stocked 990 paddlefish at Gallagher Canyon and Midway Canyon Reservoirs located south of Cozad. The twelve-inch paddlefish have been stocked in efforts to offer anglers a chance in central Nebraska to be able to snag or use bow and arrow on mature paddlefish. “We hope to establish a sufficient population so that a season can be implemented similar to that on the Missouri river,” said Dave Tunink, Assistant Administrator Fisheries Management …

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Paddlefish Tags

Our paddlefish snagging season has been underway since the beginning of October.  One never knows what water conditions are going to be like on the Missouri River nor how much water the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be releasing through Gavins Point Dam nor which gates they will be releasing water through.  All of that can have a significant impact on the success of paddlefish snaggers.  Fortunately, things have worked out this season and the reports I have been …

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Got to share some photos with you today.  Fall is a a great time to both hunt and fish in Nebraska!  To prove it, my friend Steve has been telling me about the success he and his grandson have been having this fall.  First, they slipped up to the Gavins Point tailwaters to snag a paddlefish. In spite of government shut-downs and predictions of the flood gates being open and the best paddlefish snagging area being off-limits to anglers, the …

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