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Lego my Lego

From now through May 19, Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha has a Lego display of 14 sculptures by artist Sean Kenney using more than 500,000 total bricks. His biggest display, a mother bison, features 45,143 bricks. It’s a very cool sight for adults and even neater for kids. Visit http://www.lauritzengardens.org/ for more details. JK

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In the Field with Jeff Kurrus- Pike Sampling at Lake Wanahoo

I love pike. I have since the first time I hooked one and it tried to rip my rod and reel from my grasp. Therefore, it was a no-brainer for me to tag along with Jordan Katt and his surveying crew yesterday morning at Lake Wanahoo in Wahoo. What I found was tremendous. Not only did we trap net a high number of northern pike, the fish looked extremely healthy with many in the 30-inch range. And the best part? …

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In the Field with Jeff Kurrus – Photos from the South

As promised, take a look at a few gopro images from my trip back south to TN. The first is on a hawk perch with a breasted snow goose as bait. Following this set of images, dad and I staked another breasted snow to the ground and captured several images the following night including the following: It’s been a perfect scenario to do more research with these cameras. What I have found out so far is both encouraging and disturbing. …

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In The Field with Jeff Kurrus – Winter Storm Q Time Lapse

I promised you a time lapse of the storm, so here it is. There are still some kinks to work out (including figuring out an easy way to remove the text at the bottom of the video and the transitions between night and early morning light), but I’ll take you along for the ride. The camera was set out for about 18 hours with an image being made ever 30 seconds. Enjoy. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBs-iKTei6s[/youtube]

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In the Field with Jeff Kurrus – An Afternoon at Wehrspann

Wehrspann Lake in southwestern Omaha has one of the city’s best hike/bike trails in eastern Nebraska. With more than 5 miles of paved trail next to water, tallgrass prairie, and an array of wildlife, the area is perfect for an afternoon jaunt. But while Madeline, Eli, and I were there, strollers and stuffed animals in hand, I came across one question I didn’t know the answer to.  Hopefully someone out there (Hint, Hint Daryl Bauer) can answer it for me: When …

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Panhandle Passages with Justin Haag – Getting My Feet on the Ground

Getting my feet on the ground has always been important to me. Many of my most enjoyable experiences begin by stretching my legs over Nebraska’s magnificent landscape, whether I’m hiking the trails of Chadron State Park, launching my kayak for an afternoon of fishing at Carter P. Johnson Lake, flushing a rooster pheasant in Sheridan County, or wedging sand between my toes at Bridgeport State Recreation Area. Last week, however, I worked at getting my feet on the ground in …

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