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In the Field with Jeff Kurrus- Pike Sampling at Lake Wanahoo

I love pike. I have since the first time I hooked one and it tried to rip my rod and reel from my grasp. Therefore, it was a no-brainer for me to tag along with Jordan Katt and his surveying crew yesterday morning at Lake Wanahoo in Wahoo.

What I found was tremendous. Not only did we trap net a high number of northern pike, the fish looked extremely healthy with many in the 30-inch range. And the best part? The lake is less than an hour from both Omaha and Lincoln.

Stay tuned in the next couple of months in the pages of NEBRASKAland Magazine to read the results of the surveys. For now, I hope you’ll enjoy a few photos from the day afield.


Pike surveyed at Lake Wanahoo were measured, tagged or re-tagged, checked for gender, and released.


Fisheries biologist Jordan Katt with what we joked was a "hero" shot of a nice northern pike held out toward the camera.
Northern pike sampling at Lake Wanahoo further revealed why I should be fishing there this spring and summer.

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