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In the Field with Jeff Kurrus – Photos from the South

As promised, take a look at a few gopro images from my trip back south to TN.

The first is on a hawk perch with a breasted snow goose as bait.

Following this set of images, dad and I staked another breasted snow to the ground and captured several images the following night including the following:

It’s been a perfect scenario to do more research with these cameras. What I have found out so far is both encouraging and disturbing. First, battery life is not as impressive as I think it should be. We’ve had moderately warm weather and we’re having to recharge batteries every day. Second, syncing up to the remote system has about an 80% success rate when it should be 100%. Not a major problem until you’re trying to find out if the latest predator on your bait pile is a house cat or a bobcat but you can’t shoot a photo to determine for sure. Lastly, the camera freezes at times if the unit is left on but a shot is not taken for several minutes. I’ve taken the battery out of the Hero 3 more times than I can count.

The upside is portability, photo quality, and underwater capabilities. In less than two weeks I have shot arrows at the camera, attached it to a dog, and shot close-up raccoon images. Plus, I’ll be shooting video tomorrow night of more animals near my parents’ home.

And I can’t wait for springtime fishing. We also experimented underwater the other day and while I’m not in love with the image below, it does show cool possibilities.

All for now. If I come across anything else worth showing over the next few days, I’ll definitely share.

Stay warm up there.


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