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In the Field with Jeff Kurrus – An Afternoon at Wehrspann

Wehrspann Lake in southwestern Omaha has one of the city’s best hike/bike trails in eastern Nebraska. With more than 5 miles of paved trail next to water, tallgrass prairie, and an array of wildlife, the area is perfect for an afternoon jaunt. But while Madeline, Eli, and I were there, strollers and stuffed animals in hand, I came across one question I didn’t know the answer to.  Hopefully someone out there (Hint, Hint Daryl Bauer) can answer it for me:

When the water level at a lake is dramatically down but has been for a long time (say, over a winter like we have now), what does that do to fish patterns in that particular body of water? Should catching fish be easier?

That day’s walk was also, as it always is, a nice time to bring a camera along.


Madeline with a freshwater snail shell.
Low water at Wehrspann Lake.
Milkweed along the trail at Wehrspann Lake.

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