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Cultured Like Cheese


It is Friday.  I always try to lighten up a bit on Fridays.  It is the weekend! This blog post is not going to be about Nebraska hunting or fishing, my usual topics, but it may explain a few things about me.  If you think that will be a waste of your time, don’t read any further. On the other hand, have a hunch that I have a lot in common with some of you. . . . I have …

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Cats On Ice


Do not know how long it will be until I get on the ice.  I am getting tired of waiting.  I am even watching cat videos to pass the time. Pretty sure this cat needs an auger! Maybe could use some creepers too! Hopefully soon we will have enough ice for me and my cat to go fishing!

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In My Dreams

I have warned you that this time of year there is pretty much only one thing on my mind.  Through the magic of technology I can prove that to you. . . . I had a dream last night, here is what happens EVERY TIME I yelp on a turkey call. . . . https://www.facebook.com/203398586930712/videos/203749893562248/ Maybe I just need to learn to whistle? Obviously, I found that video on the interwebs.  What is going on there, I have no idea, …

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You Are Too Busy


Heading out the door for the weekend.  This is a big, BIG weekend in Nebraska–the opening of the firearm deer season.  It is not a state holiday, but it should be!  Yes, I know many have been bow-hunting for weeks now, but this is the weekend when we will have by far the most hunters in the field.  So, to commemorate the occasion, I have a video clip to share.  First the disclaimers:  I do not condone drinking of alcoholic …

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I try to keep my Friday blog posts a little light-hearted and once in awhile maybe even funny.  However, I realize my sense of humor is a little warped.  It always amazes me that sometimes even those casual, weekend blog posts draw negativity. Well this one will probably draw some “fire” too.  I likely will be accused of being old-fashioned and “out of touch” with modern technology. . . . My wife and I went for a walk the other …

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Clear Head, Smooth Sailing


I have always said that one of the best places to hang out if you want a good laugh is a boat ramp on a busy summer day.  I have seen some pretty embarrassing things happen there, boats launched on the concrete instead of in the water, boats that would not come off of the trailer because the tie-downs were still attached, bad backing, water rushing in over the stern, etc., etc.  Practice makes perfect and there are a lot …

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World Records

Thinking about something to post on my blog for a Friday, hmm, let me think. . . . I know, it has to be the recent catch of a big fish, A HUGE FISH!!!! You all know that almost everything I blog about concerning hunting, fishing and trapping is NEBRASKA hunting, fishing and trapping.  But, I am a hardcore angler, fish are on my mind all the time, and this week there has been a story about a huge muskie caught …

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Hunting Stereotypes


Our Nebraska hunting seasons are in full-swing right now.  I know this has been floating around the internet and many have seen it already, but it is funny and it is a good Friday blog post: What is funny about stereotypes is that they are so true.  I am betting you can see these stereotypes in your hunting partners.  I am betting you can look in the mirror and see at least one! GO FISH, GO HUNT, get outside and …

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Boat Launching

I have been highlighting some of the angler access improvement projects we have completed recently.  Many of those projects have included new and improved boat ramps.  However, I realize some of you may still find it challenging to get your boat down the ramp.  If you are one of those folks, and admit it, we all could use some help, here is an idea for you. . . . The Red Green Show was the best and for the record …

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Fish Eat Ground Crew Worker World

Gonna return to one of my favorite themes again today, but this time with a little bit warped, humorous twist for the weekend: First time I watched that I sat and laughed out loud. As I have discovered, that is the ZOOperstars “Mackeral Jordan”.  BRILLIANT! We are in the middle of summer and that means the middle of baseball season!  Lincoln has its American Association minor league team, the Saltdogs.  When the Lincoln franchise was started they were looking for some mascot …

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