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How Do You Hang ‘Em?


I have been ice fishing for a long time.  In fact, I have been on the ice so long that I can tell you of times when we had no battery-powered augers, no depth finders, no ice suits, no flip over shelters.  In addition, back in the day, the selection of ice tackle was very limited.  For panfish, everyone fished with a “teardrop”.  That teardrop-shaped jig was tipped with some kind of bait, usually a wax worm, but maybe a …

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Slow Down


I love traveling around Nebraska.  Love getting out of the eastern end of the state and back “home” every chance I get.  When I do that, I am often made aware that life in the city gets sped up more than needed.  I appreciate being reminded to take a breath and slow down when I am back in the real Nebraska. That is a good reminder if you are still spending some time on the water this time of year. …

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Algae Mats? EEEEWWWW!??????


A few weeks ago I published a blog entitled Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Boat.  I wanted to point out that a person does NOT have to have a boat to catch fish, a lot of fish, big fish.  I also wanted to emphasize that good fishing waters are good whether you have a boat or not–find a way!  As an example, I mentioned that shallow water cover often holds fish, even during the summer.  Sometimes you just have to find …

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Catfish are Predators Too!


Have heard or seen comments from several anglers recently surprised at catching catfish, some of them big catfish, on artificial lures!  That really is not unusual.  In fact, catfish are more predators than they are scavengers! Before I go any further, let me define some terms:  Nebraska is home to three species of large catfish, channel, flathead and blue.  Two of those species, blue and flathead catfish are especially predatory.  By far the best bait for flatheads is a lively …

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Good Summer Tip


I have blogged about fishing topwater baits several times (e.g. Top Edge , Topwater Bait Selection).  Safe to say that catching fish on topwater baits is one of everyone’s favorite ways to catch fish.  Also safe to say that right now, summer, is peak time for using topwaters. However, if you have spent any time on the water, you know you better have a plan B, plan C, and a whole lot of other plans.  Some days the fish, for …

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Depth and Speed


A week ago I blogged about a favorite discussion topic among anglers–lure or bait color.  Actually, I did not blog about it so much as stole my buddy, Greg Wagner’s blog post on the subject.  That topic generates a lot of interest among anglers.  I have blogged about it before. That got me thinking.  I will always tell you that you should worry about a lot of presentation variables before you worry about color.  Anglers tend to jump to color …

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Purple with Pink Polka Dots


March can be a bit of a “‘tweener time”.  You know, the ice is too thin to walk on, but too thick to cast into.  The water may be liquid, but the weather is bad.  As a result, some of us sit and stare at our tackle boxes.  Or, we make a trip to our favorite tackle shop, walk the aisles and drop some $$$$$.  While doing that, I know what goes through your mind, “Wow, that looks like a …

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Does Fishing Lure Color Really Matter?

Total open-water fishing is nearly upon us in parts of Nebraska and anglers are organizing their tackle boxes. Chances are they have an assortment of different colored artificial fishing lures in the trays of that tackle box; probably more than they’ll ever use. But if you want to get a good discussion going about fishing lures, start one on colors. WOW!  Anyone who fishes has an opinion about the color of the lures they cast for success. So, what about …

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If you have been hooked on the fly-fishing game, you might as well take the next step! Game and Parks to host fly-tying workshops in March Anglers can learn the basics of fly tying that will prepare them to catch trout and panfish this spring. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will host fly-tying workshops March 8 and 12 at the Nebraska Outdoor Education Center in Lincoln. Members of the Cornhusker Fly Fishers Club will teach these sessions, which will …

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On the Ice, Mid-Winter 2023


Yep, I have still been on the ice, have been on it as much as possible.  I will give you a quick report of what I have been catching. . . . I have been out in different parts of the state a couple of times.  Spent a couple hours one evening on a spot, and managed one of these! Then of course, I could only catch one.  Walleyes through the ice can be frustrating.  I would tell you that …

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