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Purple with Pink Polka Dots

March can be a bit of a “‘tweener time”.  You know, the ice is too thin to walk on, but too thick to cast into.  The water may be liquid, but the weather is bad.  As a result, some of us sit and stare at our tackle boxes.  Or, we make a trip to our favorite tackle shop, walk the aisles and drop some $$$$$.  While doing that, I know what goes through your mind, “Wow, that looks like a great color, I better buy two of those.”  “Oh man, that one is good too, need a couple more.”  That is why you end up spending $$$$$ at the tackle shop instead of just $$$.

Since it is “‘tweener time”, it is a good time to talk more about this topic–lure or bait color.  My buddy Greg Wagner recently blogged about the subject.  It is a good blog post, and I am going to recommend you click and read it:

Does Fishing Lure Color Really Matter?


OK, Greg quotes me throughout that blog post, so you might as well read it here on my blog too.  Do not ignore it just because of that, he also talked to others on the subject.

If you want to dive a little deeper into lure or bait colors (sorry, I just could not resist the pun), may I suggest another click on an old blog post, Colors Underwater.

I know, I know.  If I say that lure or bait color makes more difference to the fisherman than it does the fish, I will be deluged with stories about the day when only one color would catch fish.  There are days like that, but oftentimes, something else was different too.  Play the color game, you know we all do, just do not get carried away with it.  And always remember, nothing, no color, catches fish all the time (unless it is purple with pink polka dots).


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