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Spring Trout Stocking 2015

I know the spring trout stocking schedule went out in a news release last Friday, but my phone continues to ring, the weather is nice, and folks are ready to go fishing!  We have a lot of fish out there already, you do NOT have to wait for the stocking truck before going fishing, but the put & take trout stocking is very popular especially for young anglers and beginners, so look this list over and then GO FISH!  Stocking …

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Let me slip into my biologist/limnologist hat for this blog post.  No, I do not actually have a biologist/limnologist hat; it is the same as my fishing cap, which by the way, is on my head most of the time. I love to fish year-round, 12 months out of the year I will be on the water.  One of my strategies when the water is cold is to slow down, fish slower.  I have often told anglers that the reason …

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Muddy Water Tactics

Well, it rained again here in Lincoln last night–A LOT.  Pretty sure these tips are going to be relevant for a lot of waters in Nebraska in the next few days. . . . First of all, high and rising water tends to move fish towards the banks, up into newly flooded habitat.  In some cases the fish will move right to the water’s edge even though that edge might now be a lot farther up the bank. With heavy …

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Tourney Time

If you watched ESPN over the weekend, you might have caught some of their week-late broadcasting of the BASSMaster Classic.  Yes, the tournament actually happened a week ago, but ESPN chooses to bury it for a week.  In other words, if you really care, you know all about it before it hits ESPN.  Whatever.  B.A.S.S. also has decided to hold their “super bowl” to begin the season now, and that pretty much means they will always fish some southern water …

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“I’m Pickin’ Up Good Vibrations”

Got a hardcore fishing, ice-fishing blog post for today.  Let me share some thoughts that have been rattling around inside my head while on the ice the past couple of seasons. If you want, there is some theme music to go with this post, click on it, start the music, read my post.  Multi-media! All baits and lures ever invented will catch fish when used in the right place at the right time.  The trick is working through all the …

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Check out the digital NEBRASKAland!

This has been mentioned several places already, but just in case you have not heard about it and check it out, NEBRASKAland magazine is now available digitally. Beside spreading the word about that, I have selfish reasons to remind you to check out the digital version.  It is fall, and in the October issue of NEBRASKAland, you can find a story I wrote on fall fishing presentations.  Follow the link to  digital NEBRASKAland, check out pages 40 and 41! FISH …

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