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Sandhill Wetlands

A month ago I blogged about the Wetlands of Nebraska.  Shared a video about the different types of wetlands in Nebraska and their importance.  That video was just in introduction to a series of videos going into more detail about the different types of wetlands. I want to return to that topic today and highlight one particular type of Nebraska wetland, sandhills wetlands.  Yep, there is another video.  This one longer and more detail, but you really need to take …

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Breaking News on the Invasive Species Front


This news release went out late last week.  Time to spread the word some more: Public urged to Clean, Drain, Dry after zebra mussels found in private lake Invasive zebra mussels recently were found in Beaver Lake, a private water body near Plattsmouth in eastern Nebraska. An adult mussel was first found on a boat lift in mid-May. Follow-up sampling by Nebraska Game and Parks Aquatic Invasive Species Program confirmed the presence of microscopic young zebra mussels and adults in …

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And Now We Have Crabs

Yep, I purposely posted that title.  Got your attention, didn’t I?  Now let me tell you the story. . . . Got a message last week.  Person asked if there were blue crabs in Nebraska? My answer was short and easy, “NO, there are NO crabs found in Nebraska.” Then I got the photos.  They were taken on the shoreline of an urban reservoir: Take a closer look: Yep, look like blue crabs to me. Now you know why I …

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Fall To-Do List


Some of you hard cores are going to be on the water for a while yet, but some are thinking of getting ready for winter.  As more put their boats, docks and lifts away for the winter, make sure to remember this: Check boats, lifts, and docks for invasive aquatic hitchhikers as weather cools Nebraskans are urged to check boats, boat lifts and docks for invasive species when removing them from water bodies for the winter. Aquatic hitchhikers like zebra …

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Hackberry Update


Got another news item today.  You may have seen the news release already.  If you have, ignore me.  If not, well, that is exactly why I am spreading this around: Hackberry Lake to be chemically renovated Aug. 9 LINCOLN, Neb. – Hackberry Lake on the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge will be chemically renovated the week of Aug. 9 as part of the ongoing Aquatic Habitat Project on the refuge. The rotenone treatment is aimed to eliminate common carp, an undesirable …

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Aquatic Invasive Species Reminder


Making sure the “word” gets spread on this, again: Game and Parks urges boaters to Clean, Drain and Dry to stop invasive species LINCOLN, Neb. – While many Nebraska boaters are eager to enjoy a summer day on the lake, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission urges them to be wary of a nasty hitchhiker: the zebra mussel. Over the Memorial Day weekend, Game and Parks watercraft inspectors found two boats with zebra mussels attached attempting to launch. Each boat …

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Sneak Attack on the Invasive Species Front


Some of you may have seen mention of this in the news already: Game and Parks urges public to check aquariums for invasive zebra mussels LINCOLN, Neb. – After a recent discovery of invasive zebra mussels within Marimo or “moss” balls used in aquarium tanks, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is urging the public to take precautions to prevent the spread of this highly destructive species. A container of Marimo balls sold as “Betta Buddy” was first found to …

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Invasive Species Webinars


Spreading the word on this: Game and Parks to co-host invasive species webinar series LINCOLN, Neb. – Learn about invasive species during a five-part virtual webinar series during National Invasive Species Awareness Week Feb. 22-26. The series, hosted by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and the Nebraska Invasive Species Program through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, will focus on a different topic each day. The webinar schedule is: Feb. 22 – Invasive Species 101, Feb. 23 – Invasive Plants, Feb. …

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Good Time for a Reminder


I suppose some might say I am too late, we now have snow and cold.  But, I am betting there is going to be some open water for a while yet.  Certainly, many are now taking docks, lifts and boats out of the water for the winter.  That means it is the perfect time to be on the lookout for unwanted zebra mussels. Check boats, lifts, and docks for invasive aquatic hitchhikers as weather cools LINCOLN, Neb. – As the …

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A Couple of Updates, Nov. 2, 2018

Cunningham Lake

I know what I am going to post will be of interest to only a couple of small areas of Nebraska, but if you are one of the anglers within those small areas, these news releases will be of interest to you.  I also realize that these news items have been making the rounds and many are already aware, but something else I have learned after several years of blogging is that the more you can “spread the word” the …

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