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Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley

Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley is Nebraskaland Magazine's associate editor. She enjoys hiking, camping, horseback riding, hunting, fishing and wild game cooking.

Midland Musings with Jenny Nguyen – Eagles at Willow Creek SRA

This past week, I received a phone call from Dan Sutherland, Superintendent at Willow Creek State Recreational Area. He said that there were approximately twenty eagles flying around the lake! Excited, I ran back home to grab my camera gear and then headed out there to catch them before sundown. Because I’m not from around here, I was a little surprised at how close Willow Creek is from town. Only about half an hour away from Norfolk, Willow Creek SRA …

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Midland Musings with Jenny Nguyen – Treasures From the Past, Genoa

When Jeff Kurrus and I arrived in Genoa last Wednesday, we had no idea what the morning would have in store for us. A few weeks back, the magazine staff received an email from a Katie Bosock, who wrote that she had something neat to show us. Katie didn’t say exactly what it was. The only clues I received were flashes of descriptions like “museum,” “tools” and “farm.” Jeff’s guesses were about as good as mine. To my surprise, Katie …

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Midland Musings with Jenny Nguyen – A Change of Environment

Of all the interesting things I can possibly think to say, the weather comes to mind. I think since being here, Nebraska weather has surprised me most. Never mind moving from a big city to the little town of Norfolk. Never mind having to drive 2 hours to get to the nearest mall– or anywhere, really. Never mind being twenty-two and starting a career in a completely different world. The experiences that shocked me most these past four weeks were …

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