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Kestrels laying eggs – already!

It is spring and in the spring a young kestrel’s fancy turns to thoughts of love.   In this case, the love has happened a little earlier than expected.  Many know we (NGPC) have live streaming video coming from our kestrel nestbox that sits on the north wall of our headquarters building in Lincoln.

Kestrel eggs
The view inside our American Kestrel nestbox on Thursday (26 March) morning. This photo shows the rear of the female kestrel, who is sitting in the nextbox hole, and two eggs (immediately below her tail in the photo).

The American Kestrels have already laid two eggs as of 26 March, which is the earliest I can remember them getting started with this springtime ritual.  Expect a few more to be laid before it is all said and done.

Two kestrel eggs
The two American Kestrel eggs.

The streaming video can be accessed HERE.  I have heard the video is not coming up for everyone.  If you are having trouble, my advice is to use Firefox as your browser.  If the browser directs you to provide a username and password, delete that box and click on image.  The video player should come up.

If you are looking for the Peregrine Falcon webcam, it can be accessed HERE.

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