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Ospreys – more success in 2016?

Ospreys in Keith County

Last July, I blogged about nesting Ospreys in Nebraska and, specifically, about recent observations that a pair in Keith County appeared poised to fledge a single offspring.  This was momentous news because, even though Ospreys had nested on multiple occasions in Nebraska since 2008, all known previous nesting attempts ended in failure.  The news got even better in 2015 when Kathy DeLara reported three nests in Scotts Bluff County all appeared to fledge young.   Another year has passed and I had the …

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And the falcon’s name is…..

PEREGRINE FALCONS: Images of a peregrine nest box installation at the State Capitol Building. John Dinan putting rocks in peregrine nesting box and looking for peregrines (Falco peregrinus) at Capitol Building. [Mislabeled as FALC01 DC. Image by Doug Carroll not Don Cunningham.] Carroll, Apr. 3, 2003. Copyright NEBRASKAland Magazine, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

With more than a thousand total votes cast, the winning entry of our name-the-chick contest is “Dinan”. The name honors John J. Dinan, former Nongame Bird Program Manager at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.  John was instrumental in initiating the Peregrine Falcon projects at the Nebraska Capitol and WoodmenLife Tower.  To illustrate this point, we went to the NEBRASKAland archives and found a few wonderful photos of John working on the Peregrine Falcon projects back in the day.  The first photo shows …

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VOTE NOW! – Name-the-chick finalists

banding 7

After receiving 364 submissions during the first phase of our “name-the-chick” contest, a blue ribbon committee had the tremendous challenge of selecting finalists.  After gut-wrenching deliberations and fierce debate, the committee chose six finalists.  With finalists selected, it is now time for “the people” to have the final word and give our Peregrine Falcon a name.  Below, the finalists are listed and justification is provided explaining why each name is worthy of consideration.  Below the the list of finalists is the actual poll.  The finalists, …

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Scissor-tails in Pawnee County


On Tuesday, I had to make a quick trip down to southeastern Nebraska which gave me an opportunity to visit a pair of nesting Scissor-tailed Flycatchers in Pawnee County.  Scissor-tailed Flycatchers are striking birds with extremely long tails that are rare but regular (annual in occurrence) in our state.  Southeastern Nebraska is right at the edge of their breeding range.  Scissor-tails are a species of tyrant flycatcher in the same genus (Tyrannus) as Eastern and Western Kingbirds.  Both kingbirds are common summer residents …

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Eyas return to Omaha

Betsy Finch and the young Peregrine Falcon just before its trip back to Omaha.

As has been reported elsewhere, a Peregrine Falcon eyas at the WoodmenLife Tower made a premature leap from it’s nest box in downtown Omaha late last week.  The youngster was quickly recovered by Denise Lewis with Fontenelle Forest’s Raptor Recovery (FFRR).  After a check-up, the eyas was returned to its nest box in Omaha by NGPC Conservation Officer and Raptor Recovery volunteer Dina Barta.  Below are a few photos Dina took during the return trip to Omaha. This is just another example, …

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Name-the-chick contest underway – submit your entry here

banding 7

With this year’s banding successfully completed, it is time to commence the “name-the-chick” contest.  Once again, we look forward to a spirited contest with numerous imaginative entries.  Last year’s winning entry was Orozco, which honored fallen Omaha Police officer Kerrie Orozco.  Other previous winning names can be viewed here.  Rules and important information are as follows: There is one MALE Peregrine Falcon chick. The period to submit names is from 7 June to 11:59 p.m. on 16 June. From all the entries, finalists will …

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Capitol banding a success

Banding 4

The Peregrine Falcon eyas at the Capitol was successfully banded this morning.  We also determined the youngster is a male.  Below are a few photos from this morning’s fun. The last photo shows Betsy Finch of Fontenelle Forest’s Raptor Recovery providing an update on the status of 19/K, the adult male falcon who was found injured and who was recovered on Monday.  19/K made his was to and is being treated by Fontenelle Forests’ Raptor Recovery.  Betsy stated 19/k suffered …

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Banding to be broadcast live on Facebook


Despite the terrible news about 19/K, we will be going forward with our plans to band the three week old eyas tomorrow.   Since the banding is NOT open to the public and Capitol security actually closes off the area where the banding takes place, we have made arrangements to broadcast the event LIVE! via the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Facebook page.  So tune in HERE, tomorrow at 10 a.m. We will strive to start the broadcast immediately at the …

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UPDATED: 19/K injured

19K 5

We received the unfortunate news the male Peregrine Falcon, 19/K, was recovered by Nick Finelli with Lincoln Animal Control this morning near the grain elevator at 26th and Fair Street.  19/K was injured and obviously unable to fly.  Below are photos taken by Nick when he found and recovered 19/K. Unfortunately, you can clearly see the bird’s left wing is injured in the bottom two photos.  Amanda Kaufman, an Animal Control Officer and raptor expert, was also on the scene and took the …

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Kimball Mountain Plover Festival


I want to help get the word out about a family friendly event set to take place on Saturday, June 4th, in Kimball in western Nebraska   It is difficult to go wrong when the festival is centered around a shorebird.  Details can be found in the flyer inserted below. Get out there and get yourself some good birding!

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