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Kestrels laying eggs – already!

It is spring and in the spring a young kestrel’s fancy turns to thoughts of love.   In this case, the love has happened a little earlier than expected.  Many know we (NGPC) have live streaming video coming from our kestrel nestbox that sits on the north wall of our headquarters building in Lincoln. The American Kestrels have already laid two eggs as of 26 March, which is the earliest I can remember them getting started with this springtime ritual.  Expect a …

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Egg #3

Early Sunday morning the birds gave me a brief glimpse of the clutch and, as expected, there were three eggs.    If anymore are on the way, expect it to arrive on Monday or Tuesday.    Maybe by the time the female is done laying eggs spring will arrive?  Maybe?  Please!

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Two eggs for a wintry day

As some have already seen, the female laid a second egg midday on this cold and snowy April 11th.   After the female laid the egg, the male tended to the clutch-in-progress.  He was not providing much in the way of good views of the eggs.  The second eggs came as expected, about two days after the first one was laid.    If another egg is on tap, expect to see it sometime Saturday (but don’t hold me to it!).

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