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Pelicans at Harlan County

There is plenty to see for bird watchers as the great spring migration travels through Nebraska. Every year, thousands of American white pelicans return to Nebraska lakes and reservoirs as they migrate through the state from their wintering grounds along the U.S. Gulf Coast. While here the birds gather in large groups to feed – watching the birds work together herding schools of fish to gather them in their large bills is a sight to see.

As North America’s largest bird can be seen at many lakes including Harlan County Reservoir; Harlan County Tourism is hosting White Pelican Watch from March 1 thru April 15. The public is invited to view white pelicans, eagles and waterfowl during the watch, while local businesses join residents and visitors to welcome the white pelican back to the community. For more information, contact the Harlan County Tourism office at 800-762-5498 or visit www.harlantourism.org.

Other locations to view pelicans, eagles and other waterfowl right now include Johnson Reservoir, which has thousands of Canada and snow geese and eagles to view; Lake Maloney, with over 70 bald eagles visiting this weekend and Sutherland Reservoir with eagles, pelicans and great numbers of waterfowl including geese, pintails, mergansers and mallards. Swanson Reservoir, Enders and Lake McConaughy also currently have large numbers of birds to view.

The White Pelican Watch is happening now through April 15 at Harlan County Reservoir.
Julie Geiser/NEBRASKAland Magazine

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