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Julie Geiser is a Public Information Officer and NEBRASKAland Regional Editor based out of North Platte, where she was born and still happily resides. Geiser worked for the commission previously for over 10 years as an outdoor education instructor – teaching people of all ages about Nebraska’s outdoor offerings. She also coordinates the Becoming an Outdoors Woman program for Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC). Geiser went on to work in marketing and writing an outdoor column for the North Platte Telegraph before returning to NGPC in her current position. She loves spending time outdoors with her family and getting others involved in her passions of hunting, fishing, camping, boating, hiking and enjoying Nebraska’s great outdoors.

Promise of Walleye

Lake Mac Study Fuels Changes to Fisheries Managment By Julie Geiser Lake McConaughy is one of the best fisheries in Nebraska for many fish, including wiper, smallmouth bass, channel catfish and, especially, walleye. For the latter, it is considered one of the best in the Midwest. Maintaining the walleye fishery, however, is complicated. Recruitment is cyclical in most walleye waters, with strong production years often followed by poor ones, and McConaughy is no exception. In Big Mac, anglers have as …

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Mississippi Kite Comeback

By Julie Geiser The Mississippi kite (Ictinia mississippiensis) is a small raptor that many people don’t know about. After reading this, hopefully you’ll keep an eye on the sky as these graceful birds will leave you admiring them. The Mississippi kite is about the size of a peregrine falcon; their body length is about 13 to 15 inches, with a 3-foot wingspan. They weigh 7 to 14 ounces. Both the male and female are similar in appearance and have gray …

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By Julie Geiser Everyone has seen a roly-poly bug. Their ability to tuck into a little ball, called conglobation, has amazed children and adults alike. But what exactly is a roly-poly bug, and what is its purpose in nature? The roly-poly bug is sometimes called woodlouse or wood shrimp, but its official name is pillbug or Armadillidium vulgare. The pillbug is an isopod; iso- means same or equal and pod means foot. Actually, the pillbug isn’t a bug at all. …

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Camping Etiquette for Beginners

By Julie Geiser Camping is a great way to enjoy nature, recreate, and recharge, but while you’re at a campground there is always some etiquette to follow to make sure everyone has a good time every time. Not Too Early or Too Late Try to arrive at your campsite well before dark. This gives you time to set up camp while it’s still light out, which is much easier than trying in the dark. And when possible, don’t pack up …

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Drone operators advised to know and abide by wildlife rules

Drone operators should be aware of wildlife laws pertaining to their use in Nebraska, including restrictions on Nebraska Game and Parks’ properties. State law and the federal Airborne Hunting Act prohibit the use of aircraft, including drones – or recreational unmanned aircraft – to harass birds, fish, or any other animal. Drones never should be used to flush, chase or harass any wildlife, including large flocks of migrating birds, such as sandhill and whooping cranes, and Canada or snow geese. …

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1940s Christmas in the Hollow has been cancelled

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Due to blizzard conditions in western Nebraska, the 1940s Christmas in the Hollow event at Ash Hollow State Historical Park this Saturday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. has been cancelled. Access to the park will remain open daily from sunrise to sunset, however, there is no vehicle or foot access to the visitor center or parking area due to construction on the public bathrooms and sidewalk entrance to the visitor center. Primitive restrooms remain available to the public. A …

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Construction project set to start at Ash Hollow State Historical Park

Ash Hollow State Historical Park will have limited access starting in mid-December to allow for park improvements focused on improving accessibility. Both the public bathroom and the sidewalk entrance to the visitor center will be renovated to meet wheelchair accessibility requirements. During construction, no vehicle or foot access will be permitted to the visitor center or parking area. Some activities at the park also may be interrupted during construction. Access to the rest of the park will remain open daily …

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She Goes Outdoors Podcast: Late Season Deer Hunting

Don’t give up on your deer hunt just yet. Winter hunting is peaceful, crisp and some believe it is easier. Many states extend hunting into January with intentions of regulating the deer population in areas where carry capacity is a concern. Julie Geiser, an experienced late season hunter, shares her advice. She Goes Outdoors Podcast · Late Season Deer Hunting About She Goes Outdoors: Join a team of all-female hosts from Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa to learn a little, laugh …

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Ash Hollow State Historical Park Rendezvous

Ash Hollow State Historical Park will host its annual rendezvous Sept. 9-11. The rendezvous will allow park visitors to absorb themselves in pre-1840 history, unique culture and educate themselves of an era gone by. Rendezvous were historically held in the fall between fur traders and local Native American tribes and were a time to gather, share trade goods such as skins, furs, beads, food items, weapons, and knowledge. It was a time to relax, make money, and have some fun. …

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Cicada Killer Wasps

By Julie Geiser Cicada killer wasps will start emerging from the ground anytime, but these docile wasps only have one thing on their minds: seeking out cicadas. Found across the U.S., these native wasps start to appear in mid-to-late July through August in Nebraska. Cicada killer wasps are approximately 2 inches long with black and yellow on their abdomens and amber-colored wings. When you hear male cicadas begin singing to attract their mates, adult cicada killer wasps will start to …

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