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Buried in Generosity – Hunt Gear Donation a Success

Alicia Inventories the Gear
Alicia Inventories the Gear

We asked and you responded.  Sportsmen and Outdoor-women heard the call for blaze-orange and camouflage clothes as well as hunting gear to help get new hunters into the field comfortably, safely and back again.  You showed up with bags, boxes and sacks full of it at the drop-off locations in North Platte, Kearney and Lincoln.  Thank you!

The latest donation inventory shows over 600 items including: 89 shirts, 76 pair of pants, 77 coats, 44 vests, 26 overalls, 112 hats, 66 pairs of gloves, 34 pairs of boots and 81 items of hunting-related gear (including two compound bows).  And there is still more trickling in from western offices and other bighearted hunters.

So where will all this go?  Much of it will placed into service as part of our Hunt Master trailer program.  This ‘mentor hunt on wheels‘ is designed to have what our partners and staff need to put together a successful deer and/or turkey hunt for new hunters.  Some of the early donations were already put to use during some late season deer camps.  As the season changes, so will the items in the trailer.

Thank you to all that donated or help spur someone else to get their little used gear back into the field on the feet, head and back of our future conservationists.  You may not realize just how much of a difference your generosity can make.  But the new hunter that shows up for a 20 degree morning hunt in tennis shoes and a cotton hoodie sure will.


Buried in Generosity
Buried in Generosity

About Aaron Hershberger

Aaron "hershy" Hershberger is an Outdoor Education Specialist with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. He loves being outdoors. When not outdoors he is day-dreaming about being outdoors and/or whining that he is not outdoors. Hershy has been a Hunter Education Instructor, in two states, for nearly three decades & a Bowhunter Education Instructor for over 20 years.

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