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And Now We Have Crabs

Yep, I purposely posted that title.  Got your attention, didn’t I?  Now let me tell you the story. . . . Got a message last week.  Person asked if there were blue crabs in Nebraska? My answer was short and easy, “NO, there are NO crabs found in Nebraska.” Then I got the photos.  They were taken on the shoreline of an urban reservoir: Take a closer look: Yep, look like blue crabs to me. Now you know why I …

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Fall To-Do List


Some of you hard cores are going to be on the water for a while yet, but some are thinking of getting ready for winter.  As more put their boats, docks and lifts away for the winter, make sure to remember this: Check boats, lifts, and docks for invasive aquatic hitchhikers as weather cools Nebraskans are urged to check boats, boat lifts and docks for invasive species when removing them from water bodies for the winter. Aquatic hitchhikers like zebra …

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The McConaughy Goby Incident


Some of you will know the story I am about to tell.  It played out on the interwebs earlier this summer.  At the time, it was difficult to get all the information and understand what was really happening.  Things have settled now and we know more, so let me recount the incident. . . . Once upon a time, someone was walking the shores of Lake McConaughy and came upon some unidentified fish.  They looked like this (I can show …

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