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Can You Feel Me Now?


I have been blogging for a lot of years now.  It has been long enough that yes, there are “re-runs”.  Many of the same topics are relevant seasonally, year after year, and they get repeated in some form. There are other topics that I may have blogged about in the past, and I like to reference those old blogs.  Problem is some of those disappear from the archive over time.  When that happens, I may literally post them again.  Going …

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Muddy Water Tactics

Well, it rained again here in Lincoln last night–A LOT.  Pretty sure these tips are going to be relevant for a lot of waters in Nebraska in the next few days. . . . First of all, high and rising water tends to move fish towards the banks, up into newly flooded habitat.  In some cases the fish will move right to the water’s edge even though that edge might now be a lot farther up the bank. With heavy …

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Rapala Factory

I found this on the internet: If you ask me I will tell you that my favorite bait or lure is whatever is the right tool for the job, whatever the fish are biting on.  And, if you have been reading my blog for any time you have probably heard me say that I am not sponsored nor endorsed by any fishing tackle manufacturers. But I really, really like Rapalas! After buying that many Rapala baits, I should own stock …

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“I’m Pickin’ Up Good Vibrations”

Got a hardcore fishing, ice-fishing blog post for today.  Let me share some thoughts that have been rattling around inside my head while on the ice the past couple of seasons. If you want, there is some theme music to go with this post, click on it, start the music, read my post.  Multi-media! All baits and lures ever invented will catch fish when used in the right place at the right time.  The trick is working through all the …

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