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First Time Fly Fisher


Let me have a little fun with my fellow fly-fishers today: I have heard enough negativity for one week, so before you start sending me more hate mail. . . LIGHTEN UP! My philosophy has always been to “use the right tool for the job”.  There are some fishing situations when a fly rod is absolutely the best tool!  In that case, HAND ME THE FLY ROD!!!! But, they really are just bobbers. Ha. Have a great weekend, GO FISH, …

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Never Grow Old


I spent a couple days drifting flies down a river this fall.  Mid-afternoon of the second day I had an epiphany.  It dawned on me that all I was really doing was something I had done probably since the first day I ever fished–watch a bobber. Sure, fly-anglers like to sophisticate-it up by calling them “floats”, or in this case a “hopper dropper”, but in practice, what I did was sit and watch for that ‘hopper to go under water.  …

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Long Rod River Trout


I have never fished for steelhead.  Someday?  Maybe, but not yet. However, as a pointy-headed fisheries biologist, I will tell you that rainbow trout and steelhead are the same fish, Oncorhynchus mykiss, a steelhead ain’t nothing more than a rainbow trout that migrates to the sea.  That line of distinction becomes even more blurred when one considers that inland rainbow trout have been documented to have the same migratory behavior.  In fact, some of the inland rainbows most famous for …

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Bobbers Ain’t Just for Kids

If your ice-fishing season is not over, it soon will be.  At this time, many Nebraska anglers are chomping at the bit to do some open-water fishing.  On the eve of a new open-water fishing “season” many of us like to plan our strategies, pick out new lures we would like to try, think about new techniques we would like to master.  Maybe you have thought about learning how to drop-shot for bass this year, troll lead-core for walleyes, learn …

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