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Great Spring

Calendar says it is the end of May.  Our Great Plains weather does not necessarily follow the calendar, but it is safe to say “spring” is coming to an end.

It has been a great one!

I may not necessarily blog about my adventures as often during the spring as I do at other times.  The reason for that is spring only lasts so long and I am busy trying to spend as much time as possible in the field.  As long as the turkeys are gobbling, that includes a lot of hunting, with some mushroom picking mixed in.

Sure, there is some time on the water, when I have time.  Usually, towards the end of spring, my focus begins to shift back to finny creatures.  By this time of year, there are a bunch of fish biting.  Where to go and what to pursue?????

Often, I go back to roots.  Back to fundamentals.  Watching a bobber never grows old.


That means a few crappies:


And a few odd bass or three thrown in.

But many of the targets will be sunfish, bluegills in particular:

P5250036 (2)

Recently spent some time on the water with family.  Of course my son caught the biggest sunfish of the spring, a green sunfish X bluegill hybrid:P5250038 (2)

Some of you will wonder “what bait?  How?”

Like I said. . . . “fundamentals”–Kid’s System!  Have dried off hundreds, if not thousands, of fish that way.

Like all of these, most released so I can catch ’em again.

Now if I can hook up with some bigger fish? . . .

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Daryl is a lifelong resident of Nebraska (except for a couple of years spent going to graduate school in South Dakota). He has been employed as a fisheries biologist for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for 25 years, and his current tour of duty is as the fisheries outreach program manager. Daryl loves to share his educational knowledge and is an avid multi-species angler. He holds more than 120 Nebraska Master Angler Awards for 14 different species and holds more than 30 In-Fisherman Master Angler Awards for eight different species. He loves to talk fishing and answer questions about fishing in Nebraska, be sure to check out his blog at outdoornebraska.org.

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