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Fish Flop Friday

Proper fish handling is a topic I blog about frequently.  With the significance of catch & release in all fishing now, handling fish so they have the maximum chance of survival is imperative. The thing is, fish are slimy.  They can also be very lively and strong when being handled.  All of that can result in some awkward moments when no matter our good intentions, the fish end up doing something else. That can create some instances when you just …

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Go Fish, Now


We are well into May now.  It is time to fish!  I will tell you generally, May and June are two of the best months for open-water fishing in Nebraska.  I do not care what species you like to catch, which waters you like to fish–Do Not Pass “Go”, Do Not Collect $200, Just Go Fish!  Now! Sure gather as much information as you can get.  But, you really do not need to fish for fishing reports.  Make your own: …

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It Is All in Your Head


If you have been paying any attention at all to modern sportfishing, you know that forward-facing sonar is THE latest, greatest technology.  There are all kinds of debates ongoing about what this powerful technology means for the sport and for our fisheries.  I am still trying to decide exactly what I think about it. I will tell you that I have always believed that the most important tool any angler can have is the one between their ears.  The mental …

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Better Go Fishing

From what I am hearing, you better go fishing this weekend.  Things are getting a little tense at the tackle shop: Seriously, I know it is “spring” and we all have the itch.  Also know that it is very early spring and just this week our weather has been erratic.  That is going to happen about 136 times in the next couple, three months.  We all want to be on the water hooking fish, and are getting tired of wandering …

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Minnow King


Saw a new commercial I like.  Like many of the best ones, this is a Rapala commercial: “Anything to drink?” “Water!” Bwaaaaahahahahaha! If you are like me, you sometimes need to catch up with the latest and greatest products and lingo.  Yes a Ned BLT is needed too! We have open water in most of the state.  I have no recent catches to tell you about, but I am hearing a few reports!  Wait for a warm afternoon and get …

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Bah, Humbug

I was accused of being grouchy this week.  Actually, another adjective was used, but I will not repeat it here. Is it any wonder? With some modifications, this meme pretty much nails it: Oh sure, I will transition to open-water fishing.  Gotta fish!  However, I know there is a lot of cold weather, cold water, and tough fishing to come before “spring” is really here.  Under those conditions, I can, and have, caught way more fish through a hole in …

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That’s More Like It!


I have been lamenting the fact that our ice fishing season is late coming this year.  Good news is things are looking better! Of course you know that means everyone else will be complaining about the cold weather.  It is January, it is supposed to be cold! I am really pumped this year.  Got a bigger auger! Yes, I did need it! Hope you get on the ice soon.  Just make sure it is safe! And hope you need a …

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Happy Stinkin’ New Year


A week ago I posted a somewhat traditional New Year’s blog (Happy New Year, 2024).  You know, I included the customary, happy new year, make some resolutions, blah, blah, blah. Actually, many of you know, my new year starts each year the first time I walk on the ice, drill some holes and pull some fish through those holes!  Admittedly, that can be a bit of a moving target.  “New Year” came at around the Thanksgiving holiday last year.  Most …

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More Than One Way to Hold a Fish!


Friday, weekend is here, time to lighten up. Having said that, given people’s lack of humor, I am afraid I feel I must also post this disclaimer:  The following link and its subject are not meant as an endorsement of poor fish-handing techniques.  If you think I am being hypocritical, I have crawled up on the catch & release soapbox, and necessary best fish handling practices MANY times, Fish Handling, Good, Better, Best, You ARE Going to be Releasing Fish, …

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One That Almost Got Away!

P8200041 (2)

Have something for the weekend to make you grin.  Admittedly, I found this making the rounds on the internet; suppose some of you might have already seen it.  If not, I am stealing it and sharing it here: That reminded me of this meme: I can tell the guy in the video knew what he was doing!  Yes, he knew how to snag his fish out of the gutter.  He also knew a great bait with which to do it!  …

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