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One That Almost Got Away!

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Have something for the weekend to make you grin.  Admittedly, I found this making the rounds on the internet; suppose some of you might have already seen it.  If not, I am stealing it and sharing it here: That reminded me of this meme: I can tell the guy in the video knew what he was doing!  Yes, he knew how to snag his fish out of the gutter.  He also knew a great bait with which to do it!  …

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Labor Day 2023


Quick blog post before, like many of you, being out the door for the long Labor Day weekend!  This is traditionally the holiday at the end of summer, and that is the way most of us will celebrate it.  However, I guess it has something to do with “labor”?  Which brings some thoughts to mind. . . . It is about time we got a break from work! It is just something we have to do between fishing trips. So …

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Hot Bite!

Fished a couple of different Nebraska reservoirs in recent weeks.  It is officially the middle of summer and the bite typically slows.  On the other hand, if you are on one of our large reservoirs with some white bass and/or wipers this is prime time for feeding frenzies. Typically, the game is played by watching for the gulls and then hurrying to the spot before the frenzy is over and the school moves on.  When you get there, the fishing …

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What Does the Guide Say?


Last Friday I had some fun with some of the jargon we use as anglers, especially muskie anglers (Now You Can Speak Muskie Too!). This week it is the fly anglers turn, especially fly fishing guides: Now, I know there is some risk in posting this.  Especially with the hot weather, some folks do not seem to have much of a sense of humor. Lighten up!  It is the weekend!  Get on the water, or maybe with this heat wave, …

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Now You Can Speak Muskie Too!


I laugh sometimes at all the jargon that applies to fishing.  Listen to yourself sometime! Lure names alone are stimulating.  You have your Hula Poppers and Rat-L-Snakies, Lazy Ikes, Royal Coachmen, and Whopper Ploppers.  Jerkbaits refer to how an artificial lure is properly fished, and not necessarily the guy on the end of the rod. What in the world is “bottom bouncing”?????  And, “walking the dog” ain’t what you think it is and has nothing to do with canines. Shockingly, …

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“Not Like It Used To Be”

You all know this was a holiday week, and like many of you, I was “outta the office” for much of the week.  Then I had some “technical difficulties” making a blog post.  As a result, I just posted yesterday, going to follow that up with another one today.  Like I will tell you with everything I post, you can take it or leave it. It is the end of a short week.  I am going to keep it light.  …

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Fishing not Catching


In the past few weeks I have been so bold as to proclaim the fish are biting, everywhere.  I have heard tons of good reports and seen so many photos from so many waters, so many species.  Do not ask if the fish are biting just GO FISH!  Have also said that May and June are consistently the best months for open-water fishing every year.  We are right in the middle of that now. However, one of the things I …

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Spring Silliness

Have a couple of thoughts to share with you for this weekend.  First of all, look at the calendar.  Yes, I know what today is. But, did you know that Yoda was a fisherman?  Obviously he was, he lived in a swamp. Here he can be seen handling a rod! Of course he was an excellent angler.  No, it was not because of some Jedi mind trick.  He simply fished with confidence! For you Star Wars “nerds”, I hear a …

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Big Event


Big, big event this weekend.  In fact it is already happening.  No, I am not talking about the regionals of some big college ball tournament.  I am talking about the BassMaster Classic!  Follow the link and you can watch the action right here on the interwebs all weekend.  (That is assuming that you do not have something better to do like actually GO FISHING!) The way I understand it, the press conferences are going to be a little bit different …

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Nebraska’s weather has done its usual March, Nebraska thing this week.  I say it is schizophrenic.  That, and the cold water, makes this one of the toughest times of year to catch fish from open water.  On the other hand, if you can still get on the ice, late ice can be some of the best fishing of the year.  That is exactly why I hope every year for the ice to last as long as possible. But, assuming that …

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