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Release Big Catfish Unharmed

Why do some people get perplexed when they see someone release a massive, master angler-sized catfish? After all, catfish, even the larger ones, sure taste good, don’t they? So why is it every time we see an angler report or a social media post mention or show a picture of a large catfish they have put back in the water, a spirited discussion most likely ensues over what should or should have not been done with that whopper? So how …

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Walleye Spawn Video


Earlier this spring I blogged about some time I had spent helping in our annual walleye egg collecting (Where I’ve Been, Walleye Squeezing).  I mentioned at the time, that we had a new video in the works showing the whole process.  That will be included in this blog post. We have created videos of our annual walleye egg collections before.  I have posted them before, but this is a new one.  Might as well include it too. I also realize …

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Goose Lake Renovation

Goose Lake WMA

The timing is right, this is happening now: Goose Lake Wildlife Management Area temporarily closure; lake to be chemically renovated May 3 Goose Lake in Holt County is scheduled to be chemically renovated, weather depending, May 3 to remove the existing fish population. It will be closed to the public that day. The rotenone treatment is aimed to eliminate common carp, an undesirable species detrimental to aquatic habitat and water quality. Because rotenone is a restricted-use pesticide, the area will …

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Where I’ve Been, Walleye Squeezing


I spent a few days out of the office recently; might as well tell you about it. . . . Spring is a busy time for fisheries workers.  Once the ice is gone, one species after another starts spawning.  We have a variety of crews busy collecting eggs for producing fish to stock, then there is sampling that needs to be done, some tagging projects, etc., etc.  In the spring it is “all hands on deck”. Pretty much every year …

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Walleye Egg Collections

IMG_1559 (2)

Another news item today.  This news release went out late last week, but again I want to spread the word: Walleye egg collections begins; dam, breakwater to close at rec areas Fisheries staff at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission again will capture spawning walleyes at Sherman Reservoir, Merritt Reservoir and Lake McConaughy to collect eggs to meet stocking requests. As of April 1, a designated area along the dam at Sherman is closed to bank anglers and boats following …

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More Angler Surveys


I need to spread the word on this too, and looking at the calendar, I need to do it now! Two angler creel surveys to begin at Lake McConaughy in April It’s the time of year for Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to survey Lake McConaughy anglers for information that assists in statewide fisheries management decisions. Two surveys will be conducted at the state recreation area starting April 1: 1. A daytime survey will take place April through October with …

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Fisheries Meetings, Past and Present


The “Zoom” Fisheries meetings we just held around the state are up on video.  Some of you know that already, for the rest of you, that is why I am spreading the word! I was going to embed all four of the videos, but that is too much embedding.  Instead, follow the links, please. Here is the one for the Southeast Region: Southeast Region Fisheries Informational Meeting, 2022 Southwest Region: Southwest Region Fisheries Informational Meeting, 2022 Northwest Region: Northwest Region …

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Anglers may be surveyed at three Omaha-area lakes in 2022

For anglers, spring means one thing: fishing. For Nebraska Game and Parks, it means it’s time to survey anglers for information that assists in statewide fisheries management decisions. Surveys will be conducted from April through October at three Omaha-area lakes: Prairie View, Lawrence Youngman and Zorinsky. Clerks will interview anglers about a single day’s fishing effort, seeking details on what the angler caught, released and how much time they fished. They will interview anglers in-person at the lakes during daytime …

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Fisheries Meetings, 2022


Spreading the word.  Here is the news release: Participate in virtual fisheries meetings in March Join the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission in a virtual discussion on fisheries management during meetings March 14-16. Four meetings – one for each Game and Parks district – will occur over three days, with fisheries biologists presenting updates on regional projects and providing local fishing outlooks. The informal, interactive gatherings will provide a chance for questions, dialogue and feedback. Registration to attend a regional …

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2022 Fishing Guide


The 2022 Fishing Guide is on the way, I promise.  A hard copy, printed version is probably a few weeks off yet, an on-line version will be posted a lot sooner. Until then. . . . Anglers must be aware of fishing regulation changes for 2022 LINCOLN, Neb. – Anglers must be aware of fishing regulation changes that take effect Jan. 1, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The changes are: Black Bass – The area where no …

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