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Meanwhile, On the Walleye Front


Want to mention a couple of things today, both of them related to walleyes. . . . First of all, we are in the middle of our annual walleye egg collections.  If you have been on Sherman or Merritt reservoirs, you likely have, or will see our crews, and nets.  If you want some more idea of what they are doing, may I suggest an old blog post, Walleye Spawn. If you see the nets in the water, please avoid …

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Sampling Summaries


Going to mention something today which many of you are already aware.  On the other hand, I know that not everyone knows because I continually answer questions about it. You know about the annual Fishing Forecast: For those of you who are interested in a little more information, information specific to individual waterbodies, make sure to check out our Sampling Summaries. I will always tell you that the fish population sampling that fisheries biologists collect are indices.  Any one year’s …

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Public Meetings on Tape, 2024


I hope you were able to sit in on at least one of our public Fisheries meetings last week.  If you could not, never fear, we have ’em on tape! Before I post the links, let me say this:  If you fish in Nebraska, you should take the time to watch at least one of these videos.  If you get around the state and fish a variety of waters, you might want to watch ’em all! First one was southeast …

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Ogallala Tagged Trout


As you know the Lake Ogallala fishery was renovated last fall, Lake Ogallala Renovation.  Rainbow and tiger trout as well as yellow perch have been re-stocked.  The trout are large enough to catch, but I have not made it out there to see if I could dry any off yet. If you are going to be doing some fishing on Lake Ogallala, the canal or North Platte River below the reservoir, you should know that there are a few tagged …

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Fisheries Meetings, Spring 2024


It is that time of year again.  Wanna spread the word on this: Join Game and Parks in virtual discussion on fisheries in March Join the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission in a virtual discussion on fisheries management during meetings March 18-21. These four regional public informational sessions – one for each Game and Parks Fisheries district – will provide local updates on the fishing outlook and special projects in respective areas. The informal, interactive gatherings will provide a chance …

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Brutal Pike Tagging


As you know we have open water early this year.  Yes, fish are being caught already.  I am also hearing questions about early open water and spawning seasons.  This discussion comes up every spring.  I have and will give the same answers every spring:  Weather will modify spawning activities a bit, but you can count on spawning occurring pretty much the same time every year.  The amount of daylight or photoperiod is the primary driver of spawning activity on most …

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Fish Stocking Database


We have long had a searchable fish stocking database on our Nebraska Game & Parks Commission webpage.  I know this is not news to many of you.  That database is one of the most used features on our commission webpage. Then, why bring it up now? Well, there have been some changes to better incorporate the stocking database into the rest of our webpages.  Searching the database is fairly straightforward and simple.  Follow the link above, or below, take a …

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Sandhill Wetlands

A month ago I blogged about the Wetlands of Nebraska.  Shared a video about the different types of wetlands in Nebraska and their importance.  That video was just in introduction to a series of videos going into more detail about the different types of wetlands. I want to return to that topic today and highlight one particular type of Nebraska wetland, sandhills wetlands.  Yep, there is another video.  This one longer and more detail, but you really need to take …

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Lake Ogallala Renovation


Lake Ogallala fishery to be renovated this fall The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has announced plans for a fall renovation of the Lake Ogallala fishery. Deteriorated aquatic habitat conditions and declining sportfish populations have prompted this renovation. To ensure safety, some temporary closures will be implemented. In late September, the lake water levels will be lowered and an approved fish toxicant will be applied to eliminate the existing fish population. The Lake Ogallala East and West campgrounds will be …

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Release Big Catfish Unharmed

Why do some people get perplexed when they see someone release a massive, master angler-sized catfish? After all, catfish, even the larger ones, sure taste good, don’t they? Consider the belly meat on a flathead catfish. So why is it every time we see an angler report or a social media post mention or show a picture of a large catfish they have put back in the water, a spirited discussion most likely ensues over what should or should have …

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