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Lost His Favorite Rod

This post has nothing to do with Nebraska, or fishing in Nebraska. It does have everything to do with fishing, and is a great story.  Give it a read! https://www.thecoastlandtimes.com/2022/10/04/man-reunited-with-rod-and-reel-50-years-after-outer-banks-fishing-trip-took-a-turn-for-the-worse/ If you have fished for a while, you might have a story or two about lost fishing rods.  Off the top of my head, a couple come to mind, funny, both from ice-fishing.  One of them, Grove Lake never did return.  The other, we could see the buoyant handle of …

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The Agony


Broke a fish off this week.  It does not happen often, last one I can remember was a BIG fish a couple years ago.  Fought that fish for twenty minutes, could feel it going deep, line rubbing on something.  Knew it was not going to end well. This time I set the hook, good fish.  Will never know how good because the rod bent over and there she was, gone. I have had a headache ever since. Oh I know …

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