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Going fishing? Here’s how to not let the big one get away!

All of us who love to fish have a story or two about the one that got away, don’t we? Invariably, the tale involves hooking the fish of a lifetime and losing it to unforeseen circumstances or mistakes. Trust me, I have made my share of mistakes when it comes to large, prized game fish. Your blogger mishandling a nice-sized channel catfish. Photo by Rich Berggren/Conservation Officer with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Without question, these stories, however embellished, …

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Go Fish, Now


We are well into May now.  It is time to fish!  I will tell you generally, May and June are two of the best months for open-water fishing in Nebraska.  I do not care what species you like to catch, which waters you like to fish–Do Not Pass “Go”, Do Not Collect $200, Just Go Fish!  Now! Sure gather as much information as you can get.  But, you really do not need to fish for fishing reports.  Make your own: …

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Race Winner


Time for my first report from this spring’s turkey fields! If you have been reading my blog for some time, you know my attention in the spring gets drawn from fins to feathers–gobbling, turkey feathers.  Our Nebraska spring shotgun season has been open for over a week now.  You may also know that I like to take a casual approach to my turkey hunting.  Oh, I am focused on punching tags, but I like to enjoy the process and every …

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Turkey Time


It is that time of year again.  Spring!  The fish are biting, the ‘shrooms are popping, turkeys gobblin’.  I hate that I have to do anything this time of year other than spend time on the water or in the field!  So much to do, and so little time!  I wish I could completely clear my schedule! The urgency of it all, spring is only gonna last for so long, can put me in a poor state of mind.  You …

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Fly-Fishing Basics


Have a learning opportunity I want to publicize: Ponca SP hosting beginner fly-fishing, fly-tying class Anglers can learn the basics of fly-fishing and fly-tying at a workshop April 27 at Ponca State Park. This workshop, hosted by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and taught by members of the Cornhusker Fly Fishers Club, will prepare participants to catch trout and panfish this spring. The event will take place 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Education Center. The cost is $25 per …

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It’s Here!


I know many of you look for this publication every year.  If you don’t, you should. Drum roll, please. . . . We will have the “hard copies” available in all the usual places as soon as possible.  Probably shortly after the start of the new year. But, now you know where the fish are at.  I cannot guarantee they will bite.  That is up to you. GO FISH!

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Autumn Evening


The calendar said it was fall, late fall.  In reality it was a beautiful evening, warm, a breath of southeast breeze.  A few clouds hung in the western sky, just enough to make another spectacular autumn sunset. I got to the lake early; wanted to scout a few spots before the evening bite.  It was a reservoir I had fished before, but never in the fall.  Up until this evening, I had never targeted walleyes there either.  Having done some …

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Slow Down


I love traveling around Nebraska.  Love getting out of the eastern end of the state and back “home” every chance I get.  When I do that, I am often made aware that life in the city gets sped up more than needed.  I appreciate being reminded to take a breath and slow down when I am back in the real Nebraska. That is a good reminder if you are still spending some time on the water this time of year. …

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Got Luck?


I have introduced many of the fishing seminars I have done with the question that titles this blog post.  “Got luck?” That is a rhetorical question that I answer by stating I do not believe in “luck”.  Sure there are random events that we cannot control.  If you spend any time in nature, on the water or in the woods and fields, you know that is very true. However, you know that angler you consider to be “lucky”, the guy …

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Langmuir Spirals

If you have been in Nebraska for any length of time, you know the wind blows.  We have been reminded of that again in the past few days. If you are an angler in this state, you better learn to adapt and adjust to the wind (and other weather phenomenon for that matter).  I have blogged about that before, Sometimes the Wind Blows.  Want to return to the subject and mention one subtle tip. . . . Actually, I stumbled …

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