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Access needed for Mentored Youth Archery Program

LINCOLN, Neb. – A youth hunting program that also teaches key life skills such as preparation, discipline and socialization is in critical need of accessible private land to act as an outdoor classroom.

Access has been the greatest limiting factor to the program. More youth archers can participate if more land partners can provide access.

The Mentored Youth Archery Program reaches 100 youth in eastern and central Nebraska. The program is a nearly year-round effort of adult-mentors working with their young archers in all aspects of being a successful hunter.

Though bow hunting remains a large part of the program’s attraction, the participants’ parents see the development of other skills. That is a big reason non-hunting parents enroll their children into the program.

The keys to the program’s success are the trained, experienced mentors; the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission support; and the partnering landowners who provide access to their land for scouting trips and hunts.

“The solution is out there,” said Aaron Hershberger, Game and Parks’ coordinator for the program. “We just need to find our land heroes – heroes willing to give the access needed so the program continues to be a positive impact in the lives of our youth.”

To find out how landowners can help, contact Hershberger at ngpc.MentorHunts@nebraska.gov

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