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News Items, April 12, 2019

Going to forego my usual “light-hearted” material on my Friday blog post this week.  Got a couple of small news items I would like to circulate:

Papillion’s Lake Halleck among waters stocked with trout

LINCOLN, Neb. – Rainbow trout continue to be stocked in Nebraska’s urban waters to enhance spring fishing opportunities.

The Grove Trout Rearing Station earlier this week stocked 1,200 trout in Papillion’s Lake Halleck and 1,200 in Nebraska City’s Steinhart Park East Pond. The Calamus State Fish Hatchery stocked 750 trout in Ord’s Auble Pond. Each of those lakes also received some additional trout from a surplus created when the Two Rivers State Recreation Area Trout Lake was not stocked for the spring.

Some of those surplus trout also were stocked this week at Eugene T. Mahoney State Park’s CenturyLink Lake and Weeping Water Pond in Cass County. Each had been stocked once earlier this spring.

Visit OutdoorNebraska.org to find out more about Nebraska fishing or to purchase a permit.


Also got this note passed along to me:

Garden County Road Closures

Due to extremely high water levels and flooding, Road 181 North of Oshkosh, through the Crescent Lake Wildlife Refuge area, is closed.  This is from Blue Creek outlet from Crescent Lake North through the Refuge and approximately 6 miles North of the North border of Crescent Lake.  Also, Road 108 between the Refuge and Road 155 is closed due to flooding.  Travel through these areas is dangerous and not advised.

Garden County Road Superintendent

John Blum

I was not in Garden County this week, but I was out in the glorious Nebraska sandhills.  I ran outta there in front of this week’s blizzard.  I did not see any road closures where I was, but I did see water across the road!  In fact, in one spot I had to wait for the coots to cross!

Those are coots up ahead! Would not have been surprised to see a muskrat sitting there too!
Get outta the road!

Unfortunately, road conditions, especially county roads, are not good in most of the state right now, and this latest spring storm is only going to make things worse.  I know the turkeys are gobbling and there will be folks hitting the field this weekend.  Please, do NOT tear up the roads, if they are bad, if there are barricades up, stay off of them!  Make sure you take along a lot of patience, find another way!

A tom turkey goes into full strut in Cass County. Photo by Jeff Kurrus.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Go Big Red, Go Big White!

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