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2018 Pallid Sturgeon Broodstock Collection

As I have said several times already this spring, it is a busy time for Nebraska fisheries workers.  From the time the ice is gone, field work is in full swing.  Once again this year that included our efforts to collect pallid sturgeon brood fish from the Missouri River.  Here is the annual newsletter on those efforts. . . .

2018Broodstock Publication1

2018Broodstock Publication2

2018Broodstock Publication3

2018Broodstock Publication4

Once again, if you want to see a “cleaner” version of that report, here is the .pdf, 2018 Broodstock Newsletter_draft4 .

You all know that there has been a theme to this spring, and that theme has been “winter”.  Regardless, the work goes on!


While running trotlines baited with nightcrawlers, the crews catch a variety of really cool river fish in addition to pallid sturgeon.  Besides what is shown in their annual news letter, check out more photos on the FaceBook page, NGPC Pallid Sturgeon Broodstock.  One that caught my eye was a lake sturgeon!


I hope you read through the report, there is some very interesting information there, and this is a great operation every spring.  Once again let me say “Thank You” to the cast of characters, Game & Parks professionals AND volunteers that get this done every spring, in all kinds of weather!

Oh, and yes, the ceremonial swallowing of the nightcrawlers is crucial to the success or failure of the operation.  Thanks for taking ’em for the team!

Down the hatch!

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