Got a couple of updates on Aquatic Habitat/Angler Access/Renovation projects.  As a matter of fact, I blogged about both of these back in September, Some News Items, September 2017.

Merritt Reservoir

As noted the boat ramp/angler access project at Merritt Reservoir was long-awaited and postponed for a year or two because of high water levels.  Now, I will NEVER complain about high water in any of our irrigaiton reservoirs, but in this case it did delay the new boat ramp installation at Merritt.

Well, the waiting is over, project completed!

Zac Brashears photo. Thanks, Zac!

Here is what the approach looks like:

Zac Brashears photo. Thanks, Zac!

This view shows the breakwater, and gives you an idea where this new ramp is located, south of the old “main” boat ramp.

Breakwater (3)
Zac Brashears photo. Thanks, Zac!

Stagecoach Reservoir

At Stagecoach Reservoir a planned water level draw-down gave us the opportunity to make some boat ramp and angler access improvements.  That work was done on the site of the existing boat ramp.


Again you can see that a breakwater has been added to protect the boat ramp and improve angler access for shoreline anglers.  I have caught a darned lot of fish from breakwaters.

If you look closer, you also can see enhanced access for launching kayaks and canoes; just to the right of the new boat ramp in this photo.


While the Stagecoach water level was at minimum pool, we had a young man who for an Eagle Scout project constructed some fish attractor structures and placed them on the north side of the reservoir.

Kris Pachunka photo. Thanks, Kris!

Here is a closer look with Eagle Scout Josh Pachunka posing with his “spider” structures.

Kris Pachunka photo. Thanks, Kris!

Another cool thing about this project was that Josh is the latest in a long line of Pachunka boys to earn the rank of Eagle Scout!

Kris Pachunka photo. Thanks, Kris!

Lastly, Mark Porath our Aquatic Habitat Program Manager in a “photo op” with Josh.  THANKS, JOSH!  Our fish, and our anglers thank you as well!

Kris Pachunka photo. Thanks, Kris!

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