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Some Quick Updates, Dec. 1, 2015

Short, quick blog today.  I just want to mention a couple of updates on projects that are underway right now. . . .

Conestoga Reservoir

Our long-awaited Aquatic Habitat Rehabilitation project at Conestoga Reservoir near Denton finally got underway this fall.  Now this project is going to take some time, work will probably be ongoing over this entire next year, but water levels are low enough that progress is already being made this fall.  Now, I do not understand all the details, but there has been some work on the existing outlet structure, and low-level outlet.  I believe pumping to lower the water even farther is continuing.

Lake Wanahoo

A couple of weeks there was a “heads up” on the road paving being done on the west side of Lake Wanahoo just outside of Wahoo.  Access to the west side of Lake Wanahoo, including all access to the camping and boat ramp areas has been closed while that road work is being done.  Again I do not have all the details, but word is that work will be completed later this week and the west side of Wanahoo will be open.

P.S.  Here is a news release from Dec. 3:

West Entrance to Lake Wanahoo SRA Reopened

LINCOLN – The west entrance to Lake Wanahoo State Recreation Area has reopened following completion of a paving project. The campground and boat ramp have also reopened to public use.

The entrance closed on Nov. 18 while the entrance road was paved. The campground and boat ramp – both of which were accessible via the west entrance – also closed during this time.

While the entrance, campground and boat ramp have all reopened, some construction work is still being completed around the park.

The paving project was a joint effort between the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and the Lower Platte North Natural Resources District.

That is all for now.

Conestoga panorama from this fall.

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