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Carp Fishing Bait: As Many Flavors as Anglers!

Welcome to #CarpWeek!  Let’s address carp fishing bait. It comes in as many flavors (and forms) as there are anglers. It is rare that two carp anglers sit down and agree on the best method or concoction for catching Cyprinus carpio or other cyprinids. Every angler has his or her own individual secret when it comes to making carp bait. The end result is the carp decides what item or morsel it will consume and what it doesn’t want to swallow. We do know a thing or two about carp food preferences though.


Carp eat a lot of different things. They have a diet that mainly contains salt, sugar, and proteins. I think carp are attracted to baits that are sweet and crunchy, most notably in the warmer waters of summer and early fall. Evidence of this is their love of mulberries and corn which both make for super carp bait!

Often, those fishing for carp in Nebraska and points beyond develop their own bait. Enter the dough ball. North American carp anglers continue to teach their counterparts around the world about the virtues of using paste-type baits for carp while simultaneously experimenting with new food additives and flavors for their own dough ball recipes. Half the fun of carp fishing is coming up with your own dough ball bait recipe that proves successful on the water. Out of all of the carp bait recipes I have dreamed up and used over the years, this one is among the easier to make and is highly effective. It’s very basic. I invite you to try it!

Rice Krispies Carp Fishing Bait


1 Cup Rice Krispies Cereal (crushed or whole)

1 Cup Flour

2 Tablespoons Sugar

1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract

Hot Water (be careful)

Pour cereal into mixing bowl. Add the flour, sugar and vanilla. Slowly add the hot water as you mix the dough.


You are going to add water until you get a firm, but fairly pliable consistence similar to Playdough. Form dough balls. You’re ready to fish for carp!


Good fishing!


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