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#CarpWeek is Coming!

You’ve undoubtedly heard of or seen the promos (promotional announcements) for the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week #SharkWeek coming up from Aug. 11-15. Well, here in Nebraska, we kind of have a shark week of our own, but it’ll be more fun! We plan on having Carp Week #CarpWeek at the same time on our Facebook page and elsewhere through our Game and Parks online avenues. Look for blogs, videos, fishing tips, cooking tips, bait recipes, interesting carp photographs and much, much more that will be useful to you, the casual carp fan. 
Some anglers turn their noses up at carp and carp fishing. But, I know a prominent outdoor writer who compares carp fishing to soccer. Kirk Deeter, Editor-at-Large for Field & Stream Magazine, says around the world, carp is the No. 1 sport fish. “A staggering amount of money, “he emphasizes, “is spent on carp angling. But here in America, it’s just starting to catch on.” 
Just look at our own Game and Parks Carp-O-Rama events and how increasingly popular they’ve become.
“I think carp are maligned here because they’re not considered classic table fare even though they were brought to North America in the 1800s specifically for that purpose”, Deeter adds. “If you want to sight cast to a tailing fish that might be 10 pounds or more, carp are it”.
In advance of carp week, I’ll tell you that I fished this weekend for the golden ghost in the Elkhorn River near Waterloo, NE. Wow! The river looked productive for carp fishing. 
And, it was.
Watch for tons more information on carp and carp fishing during #CarpWeek starting Aug. 11th! Here’s a hint on a carp doughball bait recipe I’ll be sharing with you!

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