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Stormy Sunday, soggy birds

Sunday evening’s rain was wonderful.  No terrible winds or hail, just a nice garden-variety thunderstorm.   Even so, if you happened to check in on the Peregrine Falcons during the rain you surely noticed that they did not enjoy it as much as some of us.   Even with the little roof, the breeze was sending drops right on them.   The eyases are now too big to brood – they no longer can take cover under the female’s body and wings.  The female was trying to shelter them, but it was not enough and all three were getting wet.  The result was three soggy birds.

Soggy Peregrine Falcon
Soggiest (I know, it looks a lot like soggier).

Timely rain is always welcome and is part of life for all Peregrines.  Hopefully, the severe weather predicted for Tuesday evening does not come to fruition and cause these birds unnecessary havoc and grief.

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