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New Shooting Park in Lincoln

Things are progressing quickly for the new shooting park and education center located at 44th & Superior in Lincoln. The building frame is up and the indoor firearm range is visible! Take a drive past the area to see for yourself.

The new facility will house our Hunter and Boater Ed programs, Hunter Outreach Programs and provide for a host of new shooting sports programs. The facility will have an indoor 32 lane archery range to 25 meters (complementing the existing outdoor field and target ranges), 10 lane firearm range (to 25 yards), classrooms, offices and is scheduled for completion in April of next year.

The new complex will allow for walk-in pay to shoot for general public along with a host of educational learn-to-shoot/hunt programs including full scale archery development programs, shooting sports programs and much more! With a Level 4 archery coach already on board, we plan to make this the mecca for archery coach training in Nebraska.

Lots of great things happening for hunters/shooters and stay tuned as I will update you on developments as they happen!

The view from Superior Street showing the archery range frame and concrete firearm range
View from entrance at 44th and Superior
view from inside concrete firearm range (bullet trap, partitions, electric will be installed in December)
Get em’ Out There

About jeff rawlinson

Jeff is the Education Manager in the Communications Division with Game and Parks where he has worked for the last 15 years. He oversees the Hunter Education, Boater Education, Hunter Outreach and Shooting Range Development for the Commission and is a devout hunter, angler, wildlife viewer, naturalist, father and husband. He holds a BS and MS from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. He has been a Hunter Education Instructor for over 20 years, NRA firearms instructor and range officer, National Archery in the Schools Program Archery Instructor Specialist and member of the National NASP Board, sits on the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Hunter Recruitment and Retention Committee and Education Committee. Jeff is an avid handgun hunter, loves to chase turkeys in the spring, squirrel hunting enthusiast and philosopher of the outdoors. He is an avid shooter and loves to spend outdoor time with family and friends. He has a passion for exciting others about the outdoors. A history buff, Jeff is a strong supporter of our North American Model of Conservation and tries to spread the message of its importance and relevance every chance he gets.

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