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The Art of Tim Reigert: Drawing “Boo”

Last month’s NEBRASKAland Magazine featured editor Jeff Kurrus’s Page 49 essay on the timely Halloween frights reminiscent of his past in “Please Don’t say ‘Boo.’”

Like many Page 49s, this gave me the opportunity to do artwork to accompany the piece. Here I will describe my procedure as to how I go about this process of illustrating this particular Page 49.

First, I read his essay and asked questions (like if I did not understand any particular reference). Then, in this case, I watched John Carpenter’s “In the Mouth of Madness” movie that Jeff mentions since I had not seen it. Taking notes and searching the web for reference images helps many times to get an idea.

Then, with the text placed in the document, I make a couple of shape options for the illustration – in this case, one vertical and one horizontal and do some quick concept sketches.


After deciding on an approach, I tape over the layout page with a piece of illustration paper (Strathmore Bristol board in this case) and start penciling the illustration while looking at my original sketch. Most times I will add and refine as I go – erasing, redrawing, darkening lines, etc.

Sometimes I add color, sometimes not.

Once I’m satisfied with what I have, I remove it and scan it – then placing it in the design program to see how it fits. Then I adjusted text to wrap around the image, if necessary.

In this case, I felt it needed a few additions, so the next day I adjusted the drawing by adding a fishing pole held by the monster and the current issue of NEBRASKAland Magazine on the floor.

Hope you enjoyed the essay and illustration – I know I did.


About tim reigert

Tim Reigert was hired as a Graphic Designer for the Commission in 1988 and has been the Art Director of NEBRASKAland since 1995. A Lincoln native, Tim completed a Bachelor’s in Art and an Associate Degree in Anthropology from Nebraska Wesleyan University. During his tenure with the magazine, NEBRASKAland has won numerous awards relating to his graphic design including the prestigious Ozzie Award from FOLIO Magazine, and numerous Gold Ink Awards and ACI Awards (Association for Conservation Information). Reigert lives in Lincoln with his wife Joleen and daughter Jamie.

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