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Commissioners Approve Additional Multispecies Permits

LINCOLN, Neb. – The Nebraska Game and Parks Board of Commissioners created three additional multispecies hunt permits during their meeting Friday, Oct. 18 in Nebraska City.

Those new multispecies lottery permits, which will be drawn in 2014, are:

– One Super Tag (elk, antelope, deer and turkey) for residents or nonresidents, with multiple $10 entries per person allowed.

– One combination (antelope, deer and turkey) for residents, with one $10 entry per person allowed.

– One combination (antelope, deer and turkey) for residents or nonresidents with multiple $10 entries per person allowed.

Game and Parks currently has a Super Tag for residents that allows one $25 entry
per person.

The commissioners also authorized one additional auction elk tag for residents or nonresidents and one lottery bighorn sheep permit for residents. Both will be valid in 2014.

Two acquisitions that will be additions to existing wildlife management areas (WMA) were approved: the acquisition of a 130-acre addition to Schlagel Creek WMA in Cherry County and a 183.5-acre addition to Jack Sinn WMA in Lancaster County.

In addition, the board created a Commission Order for deer, antelope and elk hunting. The Commission Order includes rules regarding bag limits, season dates and opening and closing periods pertaining to hunting those species. With seasons underway, the Order mirrors the regulations that were passed last March.

A Commission Order takes effect 15 days following commissioner approval and posting on Game and Parks’ website. Regulations approved by the commissioners require additional review by the state attorney general and the governor for final approval.

Unlike staff recommendations for regulations, recommendations in a Commission Order may be changed and approved by commissioners during the same meeting following a public hearing.

Wildlife administrator Scott Taylor gave the commissioners an update on 2013 elk season harvest. Thirty-one bulls and five cows had been taken through the end of September. There were a record 2,615 applications this year, with 323 permits issued. Ten of the 36 harvested elk were taken in the North Platte Unit, eight in the Hat Creek Unit and seven in the Bordeaux Unit.

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