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Super Bowl Commercials

Friday, here is another “lighter side” blog post.  Last Sunday was the Super Bowl and it seems that the viewing of the commercials is almost as much fun as viewing the game.  I have heard a lot of discussion about those commercials this week; might as well add my $0.02-worth.

You might guess that the commercial about the cheetah and gazelle caught my eye.


That was “cute”.  I guess.

OK, I don’t like it.  Why does the guy tackle the cheetah to save the “poor little” gazelle?  Doesn’t anyone understand the razor’s edge between life and death that cheetah’s live?  Each attempt to capture a gazelle is a delicate balance between expending too much energy than what would be gained in making a kill.  Each “race” is a stop-watch ticking away the seconds the cheetah can pursue until it over-heats.  Why does someone need to save the gazelle?  There are way more gazelles than cheetahs, gazelles are very prolific and are made for cheetahs to eat, like gum-drops.  Maybe that guy should have tackled the gazelle and handed it to the cheetah?

I think this is more like it!


Have a good weekend!  Hug a predator!

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