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State Record Summary, 2023


We are a month into 2024 already.  Let me summarize the state record fish we had caught in Nebraska last year. One Last Entry Invariably, as soon as I post a state record update a new entry hits my desk.  Last fall was no exception.  My last update was in October and I posted a postscript to that update.  I had received news of a new state record right after that blog was posted.  At that time I teased that …

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Hybrids, Walleye-Sauger


Going to return to the subject of hybrid fish again today.  I already have blogged about several hybrids of the sunfish family, Lepomid sunfishes, and crappies.  Going to move on to another family of fish, the perch family, and a common hybrid. There is no doubt that walleye are one of the most popular sportfish in this part of the country.  Surveys of Nebraska anglers have consistently shown that walleyes are the fish they most prefer.  Walleyes are a fine …

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On the Water, Fall 2023


A week ago I gave a report on the hunting successes members of my family have had this fall (Family in the Field, Fall 2023).  I did that because I also love to hunt.  Unfortunately, as I mentioned at the end of that blog post, there is so much fish and game and so little time.  I would like to do it all, but just cannot.  I have however slipped out and chased roosters a couple of times this fall.  …

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More Than One Way to Hold a Fish!


Friday, weekend is here, time to lighten up. Having said that, given people’s lack of humor, I am afraid I feel I must also post this disclaimer:  The following link and its subject are not meant as an endorsement of poor fish-handing techniques.  If you think I am being hypocritical, I have crawled up on the catch & release soapbox, and necessary best fish handling practices MANY times, Fish Handling, Good, Better, Best, You ARE Going to be Releasing Fish, …

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One That Almost Got Away!

P8200041 (2)

Have something for the weekend to make you grin.  Admittedly, I found this making the rounds on the internet; suppose some of you might have already seen it.  If not, I am stealing it and sharing it here: That reminded me of this meme: I can tell the guy in the video knew what he was doing!  Yes, he knew how to snag his fish out of the gutter.  He also knew a great bait with which to do it!  …

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Autumn Evening


The calendar said it was fall, late fall.  In reality it was a beautiful evening, warm, a breath of southeast breeze.  A few clouds hung in the western sky, just enough to make another spectacular autumn sunset. I got to the lake early; wanted to scout a few spots before the evening bite.  It was a reservoir I had fished before, but never in the fall.  Up until this evening, I had never targeted walleyes there either.  Having done some …

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State Record Update, Fall 2023


There has not been a lot of activity on the state record fish front.  However, I do have a couple of new state records to tell you about. . . . Rod & Reel Chronologically, the first to mention would be a silver carp caught on June 17.  Keith Bader from Bellevue caught this 37 pound 6 ounce silver carp from a private sandpit in Cass county.  The fish was about 41 inches long and was caught on a spinner. …

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Missouri River Sauger and Walleye Research


This was mentioned in a news release last week.  Let me publicize it some more here: Research seeks answers to Missouri River fishery decline after 2011 flood Biologists are continuing to tag and track walleye and sauger in the Missouri River and Lewis and Clark Lake between Fort Randall and Gavins Point dams as part of an effort to understand declines in the fishery following historic flooding in 2011. Since 2021, 201 fish have been tagged in the river and …

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Late Spring Fishing, 2023


If you have read my blog for a while, you know that I get side-tracked from fishing every year when the turkeys are gobbling.  Spring is a great time in Nebraska’s outdoors except for one thing:  There is so much to do and so little time!  Once I finally satisfy my spring turkey addiction for a while, I wander around picking mushrooms: I did not have a good mushroom year.  I think it has been too dry. Then, as I …

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Public meeting set March 27 on Lake McConaughy walleye

A public informational meeting about the walleye fishery at Lake McConaughy will be March 27. The meeting is at 7 p.m. Mountain time at the Lake McConaughy Visitors and Water Interpretive Center. The topics Nebraska Game and Parks Commission staff will discuss include fisheries management, ongoing research, angler survey results, and plans for 2023. This session will provide a chance for questions, dialogue and feedback. The visitor center is located one-quarter mile south of Kingsley Dam on Highway 61.

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