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Report Shows High Numbers of Mallards, Green-winged Teal for 2016

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LINCOLN – Nebraska duck hunters will find good news in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s recent 2016 waterfowl population status report. The report shows mallard numbers are near record highs and the estimated green-winged teal population is the highest since estimates began in 1955. The estimated mallard population this year is 51 percent above the long-term (1955-2015) average, while the green-wing teal numbers are 104 percent higher than the long-term average. Other dabbling duck species varied in abundances from …

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Memorable First Teal Hunt

Imagine taking a bucket of stirred-up hornets and throwing them in front of a hunter. That’s what it’s like when a flight of blue-winged teal suddenly swarms in over a decoy set. – Wade Bourne, Colin Moore, Outdoor Life Magazine. On the waterfowl hunting front, Nebraska’s early teal hunting season has drawn to a close in the Low Plains zone. I wanted to share some photos of my very first early season teal duck hunt this past week in that zone. Yes, it …

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The benefits of Teal

At thirty minutes before sunrise this past Saturday one of my favorite events arrived in Nebraska – teal season.  The short season gives me an annual opportunity to renew the fondness I hold for this small duck and a chance to try out new excuses for missed shots. Blue-winged, green-winged and even cinnamon teal pass through Nebraska but they can all be summed up in one word – quick.  Teal are quick to arrive on the scene, sometimes quick to …

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Talkin’ Teal on TV

Nebraska’s early teal duck hunting season opener occupies center stage on my Weekly TV Outdoor Report airing LIVE Thursday evening at 6 p.m. CST on Omaha’s WOWT 6 News during the sportscast. Fast-flying teal, such as these blue-winged teal pictured below, present a real challenge to the Nebraska waterfowl hunter! Proper waterfowl identification is critical during the special season because only teal are legal. This is especially crucial in the experimental early teal hunting season area of northern Nebraska where the harvest of hunters will be closely monitored and …

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Commissioners Open Entire State to Teal Hunting

LINCOLN – All of Nebraska will be open for teal hunting in 2014. The Nebraska Game and Parks Board of Commissioners adopted changes to teal and youth waterfowl hunting seasons at their meeting July 11 at Niobrara State Park (SP). The commissioners created new zone boundaries. The High Plains Zone encompasses the western half of the state and the Low Plains Zone the eastern half. Previously, teal hunting was generally restricted to the southern half of the state. The 2014 …

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A Short and Sweet Hunt by Nebraska Game and Parks Commissioner Mark Pinkerton, District 1

I was informed there were some teal using my friend’s pond, so I decided a hunt was in order. On a crisp morning, I arrived an hour before daylight to set up. With a moderate breeze from the south, I put out six teal decoys, two mallards on a jerk line, and a Mojo teal and mallard. As the sky started to lighten I could see about 40 teal on the middle of the pond. They looked relaxed and in …

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Opening Day First Hunt by Norris Marshall, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Chair

My wife and had a great dog, Jazz, for 12 years. A female black Lab, she was an awesome companion and hunting dog. But as things go, we had to put her down a couple years ago. So here we were a year later picking from a litter of puppies whose daddy came from our Jazz. That was a year ago, and that little bundle of puppy has grown to be a big, rambunctious, slobbering hunting buddy. Her official name …

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