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Commissioners Open Entire State to Teal Hunting

LINCOLN – All of Nebraska will be open for teal hunting in 2014. The Nebraska Game and Parks Board of Commissioners adopted changes to teal and youth waterfowl hunting seasons at their meeting July 11 at Niobrara State Park (SP).

The commissioners created new zone boundaries. The High Plains Zone encompasses the western half of the state and the Low Plains Zone the eastern half. Previously, teal hunting was generally restricted to the southern half of the state.

The 2014 season dates for teal hunting are Sept. 6-21 in the Low Plains Zone and Sept. 6-14 in the High Plains Zone.

Commissioners also set the youth waterfowl season in each of four zones for the Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding the start of the regular duck and merganser season.

The season dates for the regular duck and merganser season, as well as other waterfowl, will be determined at the commissioners’ Aug. 29 meeting in Grand Island.

In other business, the commissioners:

– Set new prices for several nonresident permits: deer, $214; statewide buck only deer, $535; season choice antlerless only deer, $60; special antlerless only deer, $60; landowner deer, $107; turkey, $95; and landowner turkey, $47.50. The corresponding resident permit prices will remain the same.

– Added language for the eligibility of fall youth turkey hunters to match the requirements for spring youth turkey hunters. Youth must be age 15 and under, except youth age 16 may hunt on youth fall turkey permits provided they are age 15 both when they apply and on the opening day of the season.

– Passed a regulation to ban the possession or use of explosive or incendiary targets while target shooting on wildlife management areas.

The lottery drawings for the two Super Tag multi-species permits also were held at the meeting. Kay Wagner of Petersburg, Neb., won the single-entry Super Tag permit while Jennifer Simons of Atlantic, Iowa, won the multiple-entry Super Tag permit. On July 9, Game and Parks electronically drew the winners of the Combo multi-species permits. Bryce Hanson of Lincoln won the resident permit and Christie Berg of Logan, Kan., won the nonresident Combo permits.

The Super Tag and Combo permits are valid in 2014 and 2015. The Super Tag bag limit is one elk, one antelope, one deer and two turkeys. The Combo bag limit is one antelope, one deer and two turkeys. The permits are valid in open seasons with appropriate weapons.
There were 920 entries in the Super Tag single-entry lottery ($25 application fee). In the Super Tag multiple-entry lottery, 807 people submitted 1,581 applications at $10 each (1,117 resident and 464 nonresident applications). Thirty people applied 10 or more times in the multiple-entry lottery.

There were 359 entries for the resident Combo permit and 217 for the nonresident Combo permit. Each entry had a $10 fee.

Niobrara SP superintendent Mark Rettig and office clerk Connie Kemp received enterprise awards for their youth outreach efforts through the park’s annual Outdoor Educational Rendezvous. This year’s event was held in May.

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